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Spa concepts from around the globe

Author: Georgia Voulieri / Date: Wed, 09/17/2008 - 19:44

... is making a quick trip around the world to present its readers several spa concepts from Europe and Asia. Spa and wellness tourism witnessed a dramatic increase in popularity over the last decade, thus mirroring the ever-growing need for some extra pampering to balance a hectic lifestyle. Spas indeed provide an escape from the pressures of everyday life and guests enter a world where time stands still and relaxation pervades.

Following input from the respective national and regional tourism authorities, we have prepared four articles briefly presenting those countries’ leading spas.

Austria’s spas stand out for their high level of sophistication that has grown out of what is perhaps the world’s oldest health and wellness industry. Visitors can choose from a large number of spas ranging from thermal baths and medical spas to Alpine nature retreats devoted to pure relaxation.

Following large-scale investment in its historic spa facilities, Britain is now offering state-of-the art health and wellness experiences in the country’s renowned thermal baths. Hotel and day spas also abound and can be found anywhere in the UK from central London to the most remote country house hotel.

Japan is proudly nurturing the age-old tradition of the onsen baths that are still operating in many of the country’s picturesque ryokan inns. Several of Tokyo’s upscale hotels have also invested in creating sophisticated and ultra-stylish spa facilities.

Australia boasts a growing number of luxury spas. Many of these spas take advantage of their dramatic tropical settings and base their signature treatments on the healing powers of local plants.

Iotamina Alexandrou and Georgia Voulieri just completed a research project on international spa tourism as part of their studies at the Greek National School of Public Administration.