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Episode 36 of Trends features Anthony Hoglund, a corporate travel veteran, discussing the challenges and innovations reshaping Thailand’s tourism amid

During China's May Day holiday, transportation sectors managed over 1.35 billion trips, demonstrating strong economic growth and increased enthusiasm for

This guide unveils essential tips to help you make the most of your budget while immersing yourself in Malaysia's vibrant

Australian tourism businesses face doubled marketing costs as they struggle to recover post-COVID, grappling with geopolitical, environmental, and economic challenges,

The Asia Pacific excluding China (APEC) sees a surge in hotel construction with a 13% year-over-year increase, setting new records

Beijing's May Day holiday saw a record 16.97 million tourists, highlighting the city's appeal through cultural events and rural tourism.

Alipay's insights highlight a remarkable rise in both outbound and inbound tourism spending during China's 2024 Labor Day, showcasing shifting

Bhutan sees a significant increase in tourist arrivals, doubling in Q1 2024, with a diverse international visitor base.

Vietnam's tourism industry saw a 14.2% increase in visitors during the April 27-May 1 holiday, with significant gains in overnight

Agoda's search data highlights a surge in interest for travel to Thailand among Japanese tourists during the extended Golden Week