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Unprecedented travel surge in Malaysia during Hari Raya

A travel surge in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, showcasing a vibrant and bustling street scene with a mix of tourists and locals reports a significant surge in travel bookings across Malaysia during the Hari Raya festivities, indicating a robust recovery in the travel sector.

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA – As the Hari Raya festivities concluded this year, travel platform has unveiled unprecedented growth in travel bookings across Malaysia during the festive period.

Analysing data from 9 April to 13 April 2024, has observed a remarkable surge in both domestic and international travel, highlighting a significant rebound in the Malaysian travel industry. In terms of overall booking volume, Kuala Lumpur saw a remarkable 113% increase year-on-year, while Penang and Kota Kinabalu experienced significant growth year-on-year at 62% and 89% respectively.

This year’s Hari Raya period witnessed an extraordinary surge in travel demand, particularly evident in the robust growth of flight bookings across key Malaysian destinations. Notably, domestic flight bookings to Kuala Lumpur witnessed a staggering 99% increase as compared to the Hari Raya period last year. Similarly, domestic flight bookings to Penang surged impressively by 131%. Meanwhile, Kota Kinabalu experienced an 81% increase.

International connectivity also saw significant growth, with a noteworthy 94% increase in flights to Malaysia from Singapore. However, the most remarkable surge was observed in flight bookings from Indonesia to Malaysia, which saw a 33-fold increase, signalling a burgeoning interest in cross-border travel within the region.

The trend of increased travel extended seamlessly to hotel bookings, underscoring a holistic enthusiasm for exploration among travellers. domestic hotel bookings for Kuala Lumpur rose by 57%, Penang experienced a 24% increase, while Kota Kinabalu saw a surge of 62%. International hotel bookings to Malaysia from Singapore increased by 69%, further emphasising the appeal of Malaysia as a destination for regional travellers. Notably, hotel bookings from Indonesia soared by 316%.

In terms of sales, the Gross Merchandise Volume (GMV) for all bookings exhibited impressive growth, further demonstrating Malaysia’s thriving travel scene during the Hari Raya period. Kuala Lumpur’s GMV increased by 117%, reaffirming its position as a key revenue generator in the travel sector. Penang witnessed a substantial 78% surge in GMV, while Kota Kinabalu experienced a 162% increase, reflecting the buoyant tourism economy in the region. Malaysia, overall, saw a remarkable 97% surge in GMV, underlining the collective success of the travel industry across the nation.

Commenting on these remarkable results, Ms Stephane Thong, General Manager, Malaysiasaid: “We are thrilled to witness such remarkable growth in Malaysian travel bookings during the Hari Raya period this year. These figures not only reflect the resilience of the travel industry but also demonstrate the pent-up demand for travel experiences. We remain committed to providing our customers with seamless travel experiences and look forward to continuing our mission of connecting travellers with unforgettable journeys and experiences in Malaysia.”

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