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Shanghai prepares for dazzling shopping festival and summer season


Shanghai gears up for its fifth Shopping Festival and first Summer international consumption season, featuring over 1,000 activities blending business, culture, and sports.

SHANGHAI, CHINA – Shanghai is set to enhance its status as a global hub for commerce and culture with the upcoming fifth annual Shanghai Shopping Festival and the launch of the first-ever Shanghai Summer international consumption season. These landmark events will feature a blend of business, travel, culture, and sports, bringing over 1,000 unique activities to the city.

Diverse and Dynamic Offerings

The Shanghai Shopping Festival, kicking off with an opening ceremony in late April, is focusing on four economic pillars: debut economy, brand economy, nighttime economy, and livestreaming economy. This festival will showcase categories like new types of products, services, automobiles, and green consumption, further enriching the consumer experience in Shanghai.

Simultaneously, the Shanghai Summer event, running from July to October, promises a season filled with 65 high-quality cultural and artistic performances, music festivals, and sports events. Highlights include the “Civilization of Ancient Egypt” show, “City Walk Pro” Shanghai city experience season, the first Shanghai international cruise festival, and the celebrated Shanghai Masters ATP1000.

Annual Celebrations and Special Features

Shanghai’s Summer season is poised to become an annual fixture, enhancing the city’s cultural calendar with events such as the Shanghai Night Festival, Leyou Shanghai art season, and several themed consumer festivals promoting green practices, automotive innovations, and international cuisine.

Global and Local Synergy

The festivals will also highlight Shanghai’s role as a crucible of global cultures with the Silk Road e-commerce carnival and the International Coffee Culture Festival, among others. These events are set to forge stronger global connections and showcase Shanghai’s unique offerings to the world.

Engaging and Empowering Local Communities

The initiatives are part of Shanghai’s broader strategy to engage and empower its local communities by transforming the city into a bustling marketplace of ideas, products, and cultural exchanges. With something for everyone, the city is ready to welcome the world to its shores with open arms and unmatched hospitality.

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