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Ascott Limited’s Strategic Vision for Tourism Growth in the Philippines: Insights from Loven Ramos

Loven Ramos, Director of Brand & Marketing for The Ascott Limited in the Philippines, shares insightful perspectives on the country’s tourism trends, the group’s development plans, and sustainability initiatives, highlighting the potential for growth and the importance of adapting to changing market demands.

In a revealing interview with TravelDailyNews Asia-Pacific, Loven Ramos, the esteemed Director of Brand & Marketing for The Ascott Limited in the Philippines, provided a comprehensive overview of the latest trends and developments within the country’s tourism and hospitality sectors. Hosted at the plush Ascott Makati in Manila, the dialogue with Theodore Koumelis ventured into various aspects, from the burgeoning tourism landscape in the Philippines to the strategic expansion plans of The Ascott Limited.

Philippines: A Resurging Tourism Destination

Ramos highlighted the Philippines’ emerging status from a relatively unnoticed destination to a hotbed for international and domestic tourism. The nation’s diverse offerings, including over 7,000 islands with varied cultures, cuisines, and languages, position it as a unique travel destination with immense potential for growth. Ramos underscored the importance of markets such as the United States, Spain, and countries across Asia, particularly Japan and Korea, for their strong tourism links to the Philippines.

Ascott Limited’s Strategic Expansion

The Ascott Limited is not just expanding its footprint across the Philippines with new properties but is also redefining hospitality through its service residences. Ramos outlined the group’s value proposition, emphasizing spacious accommodations and the warmth of a home, appealing to guests seeking extended stays. With 16 properties currently open and more on the horizon, Ascott aims to have over 30 properties by 2028, further solidifying its presence and catering to diverse guest profiles, including business travelers and families.

Sustainability and Market Adaptation

Sustainability practices form the cornerstone of Ascott’s operations, with initiatives encompassing eco-friendly building designs, recycling programs, and local community engagement to ensure a minimal environmental footprint. Furthermore, the introduction of pet-friendly policies across its brands reflects Ascott’s commitment to evolving with market trends and guest preferences.

Embracing Technology

Acknowledging the challenges post-pandemic, particularly in staffing and technology adoption, Ramos discussed Ascott’s proactive approach in integrating artificial intelligence and other technological solutions. These innovations not only improve operational efficiency but also enhance the guest experience, showcasing Ascott’s adaptability in a changing industry landscape.

Vision for the Future

Looking ahead, Ramos is optimistic about the Philippines’ tourism prospects, advocating for stronger regional collaborations and infrastructure development to unlock the full potential of this vibrant destination. With a focus on distinctive cultural offerings and the embracement of innovative practices, Ascott Limited is poised to play a pivotal role in the Philippines’ tourism growth trajectory.

In conclusion, Loven Ramos’ insights provide a compelling outlook for the Philippines’ tourism and hospitality industry, emphasizing the strategic initiatives and forward-thinking approach of The Ascott Limited. As the country continues to attract global attention, Ascott’s commitment to quality, sustainability, and innovation stands as a testament to its leadership in shaping the future of hospitality in the Philippines.

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