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President Marcos Jr. approved the VAT-refund program for foreign tourists starting 2024, and the extension of the e-visa for Chinese

As a host country, Thailand will make ‘sustainability’ the milestone of the AFECA AGM 2023, focusing on People, Profit, and

Karen Saw will continue to work closely with key stakeholders, from government departments and State Tourism Offices to airlines and

The Malaysian sellers and Indian buyers participated in the business matching session and networking dinner, apart from seminars focusing on

Standard operating procedures concerning the before boarding, on arrival, and during stay stages of travel to Thailand.

Thailand’s new direction towards meaningful travel, and high value and sustainable tourism, promoted at Matka Nordic Travel Fair 2023 in

With the added stimulus of more flights, TAT is focusing on several key market segments to increase from the Middle

International arrivals exceed forecast to hit 6.3 million, tourism receipts reach an estimated $14 billion amid growing demand.

Since December 1, 2022, the resort introduced 10 baby bamboo sharks and 10 eggs into the shark tank, and on

Taking place on 29 January and 18 February, 2023, the programme includes guided tours of the park, traditional ceremonies, and