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Gardens of Eden in Phuket: A pioneering vision in luxury real estate

Discover Gardens of Eden’s unique approach to luxury real estate in Phuket, blending open spaces and nature with high-end amenities, as revealed in our exclusive interview.

In a recent, insightful interview with Ravi Chandran, the head of Corporate Affairs for Gardens of Eden in Phuket, Travel Daily News delved into the innovative concept behind this ambitious project. The interview offered a rare glimpse into the vision and strategy that makes Gardens of Eden not just another real estate development, but a trendsetter in the luxury market.

Located in Bantau Beach, Phuket, Gardens of Eden distinguishes itself by dedicating a remarkable 70% of its space to open, natural areas. This is a significant deviation from standard real estate projects, where built-up areas usually dominate. The emphasis on open space is not just a design choice but a commitment to sustainability and wellness, pivotal trends in the current luxury market.

Despite the expansive open areas, Chandran reassures that the project remains commercially viable. The costs are reflected in the 30% built area, ensuring financial sustainability without compromising the project’s unique appeal. The project, estimated at around 11 billion baht (approximately 350 million U.S. dollars), is a significant investment in the region.

The development is scheduled in phases, with phase one comprising 141 units and a subsequent phase adding over 1000 units. Chandran anticipates the completion of the first phase by the end of 2026, signaling a robust confidence in the project’s timeline despite global economic challenges.

Addressing the current market dynamics, Chandran notes a shift in consumer preferences post-COVID. There’s an increased demand for properties that offer more than just luxury; buyers are seeking spaces that promise a lifestyle enriched with nature and wellness. This trend aligns perfectly with Gardens of Eden’s core philosophy.

Interestingly, the customer base is not just investors but also those looking for a primary residence, drawn by Phuket’s growing infrastructure, including international schools and hospitals. This demographic shift signifies Phuket’s evolution from a holiday destination to a viable location for permanent residence.

The choice of Phuket as the project’s location is strategic. Renowned for its beaches, cuisine, and culture, Phuket’s developed infrastructure makes it a compelling alternative to traditional luxury locations like the Gold Coast or the South of France. Its accessibility and increasing amenities make it an attractive choice for a diverse international audience.

Sustainability is a cornerstone of the project. Martin Palleros, the designer, in collaboration with environmental experts, ensures that Gardens of Eden adheres to green principles, maintaining the delicate balance between development and nature.

The design also caters to the mature market, with features facilitating senior living, emphasizing accessibility and comfort. This consideration underlines the project’s commitment to inclusivity and diverse needs.

Chandran clarifies that Gardens of Eden offers freehold and leasehold properties, with an option for owners to rent their units. This flexibility adds to the project’s appeal, catering to a range of customer preferences.

In conclusion, Gardens of Eden stands out in the luxury real estate market with its unique emphasis on open space and sustainability. This pioneering project in Phuket is not just about luxurious living; it’s about redefining the essence of luxury itself, where nature, wellness, and sustainability are as integral as opulence.

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