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Bangkok's dynamic landscape merges towering skyscrapers with transit expansion, reshaping its skyline and connectivity. Witness the city's evolution as development

GMR Airports and NIIF join forces for the Bhogapuram International Airport project in Andhra Pradesh, enhancing aviation infrastructure and boosting

The world of logistics and aviation is looking to Hong Kong to spearhead industry exchanges and new growth opportunities.

The masterminds behind these sprawling subway lines have had to deal with mountains, rivers and many challenging terrains.

Passenger ropeway project by DRIL across Brahmaputra river is 1800m long connecting South to North Guwahati.

The new airport was originally scheduled to commence operations in 2020, but the opening was delayed because of the COVID-19

Electric-powered ferries, canal boats, buses and tuk-tuks part of the growing environmental-friendly transport network available to international visitors.

Following the popularity of its multi-themed Utopia Dream U2 Max, the company has now unveiled two exclusive all-villa developments –

The four new stations are decorated to celebrate and honour the traditions and heritage of Bangkok’s old town (Rattanakosin) area

CJ LiveCity will include the 20,000-capacity Seoul Metropolitan Arena, a studio complex, a K-culture themed entertainment district and waterfront park.