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Surge in Eid travelers at Tanjung Perak Port, Surabaya

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Tanjung Perak Port in Surabaya reports a significant increase in travelers during the Eid exodus, highlighting its pivotal role.

SURABAYA, EAST JAVA – In an enlightening display of mobility, PT Pelabuhan Indonesia (Pelindo) III has reported a significant increase in the flow of travelers at Tanjung Perak Port, Surabaya, as the Eid al-Fitr exodus gains momentum. The period leading up to this year’s Eid celebration has witnessed a notable surge in passengers utilizing maritime transportation, highlighting the port’s critical role in facilitating holiday travel in Indonesia.

Record-Breaking Passenger Movements

From March 24 to April 3, 2024, Tanjung Perak Port experienced an impressive tally of 65,530 passengers embarking and disembarking, marking a bustling prelude to the annual Eid al-Fitr exodus. The General Manager for Kalimas and Gapura Surya Nusantara Terminals, Dhany Rachmad Agustian, noted that the peak of this exodus activity occurred on April 3, 2024, with the port accommodating 12 vessels from various regions across Indonesia, carrying a total of 12,900 passengers.

Comparative Analysis with Regular Operations

The figures reported during the Eid exodus starkly contrast with the port’s regular operational statistics, where the daily movement of passengers barely exceeds a thousand, and the docking frequency is limited to one or two ships. This surge underscores the port’s enhanced capacity and operational efficiency in managing the seasonal spike in traveler volume.

Anticipated Increase in Passenger Volume

Agustian further predicts a 20 percent increase in passenger numbers during this year’s Eid exodus season compared to the previous year, which saw 209,046 passengers navigating through Tanjung Perak Port. Factors contributing to this uptrend include affordable fares and the allowance of 40 kg excess baggage per passenger, making maritime travel a preferred option for many homebound travelers during the Eid period.

Government Initiatives to Support Holiday Travel

In tandem with this surge, the Sea Transportation Directorate General at the Transportation Ministry has rolled out 13,012 free tickets for travelers heading to 30 port destinations across Indonesia, as part of the government’s efforts to facilitate smoother travel during the Eid holiday season. This initiative, coupled with a joint survey by the Transportation Ministry and Communication and Informatics Ministry, which anticipates 193.6 million residents traveling during the Eid holiday, underscores the extensive preparations undertaken to ensure an orderly and efficient homecoming exodus.

Implications for the Travel and Hospitality Industry

For professionals in the travel and hospitality industry, the developments at Tanjung Perak Port serve as a vital indicator of travel trends and consumer preferences. The marked preference for maritime transport due to its cost-effectiveness and generous baggage allowances offers key insights into market demands and potential areas for service enhancement.

The industry is encouraged to leverage these insights to improve service offerings, ensuring that travel and hospitality services are aligned with the needs and expectations of the vast number of travelers during peak holiday seasons. Moreover, the government’s initiatives to support holiday travel further highlight the potential for public-private partnerships in enhancing the travel experience for millions of Indonesians.

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