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China’s young vacationers prioritize fitness and tourism over feasting

Chinese millennials are shifting from indulgent holiday feasts to fitness-focused vacations, taking part in activities like biking and hiking in scenic locations during the National Day Holiday.

In a shift away from indulgent holiday feasting, China’s young generation is embracing fitness-focused vacations during the National Day Holiday. This trend reflects a growing desire for a healthy lifestyle and a break from the fast-paced urban environment.

Many vacationers are now choosing destinations that offer opportunities for physical activities such as biking, hiking, frisbee, and tennis competitions. Scenic spots are promoting the “sports plus tourism” concept to attract health-conscious travelers.

Fitness is not limited to tourists; even those without travel plans are prioritizing exercise during holidays. Fitness studios are witnessing increased demand during these periods, as more Chinese individuals recognize the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

This shift underscores China’s heightened emphasis on health and fitness, with authorities elevating nationwide fitness to a national strategy. Initiatives like National Fitness Day and sports events such as the Hangzhou Asian Games have further ignited the passion for physical activities.

To support the national fitness campaign, China is accelerating the construction of sports venues and public fitness facilities, making exercise more accessible to residents. “15-minute fitness circles” in urban communities are providing convenient access to physical exercise facilities.

Furthermore, fitness has become a way for families and friends to bond during holidays. Participating in group activities like running and sports has not only health benefits but also strengthens social connections.

A recent survey indicates that by the end of 2022, over 500 million people in China engaged in regular exercise, and there were more than 4.2 million sports venues across the country, covering a combined area of 3.7 billion square meters.

This cultural shift towards fitness and tourism presents opportunities for the travel and hospitality industry to cater to the evolving preferences of young Chinese vacationers.

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