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Aussie travel tech company launches live NDC Direct bookings with Qantas Distribution Platform

Author: Theodore Koumelis / Date: Tue, 07/20/2021 - 07:31

Aeronology partners with Qantas, first live NDC Direct airline partner.

Aeronology, an Aussie travel tech company, continues to shape the next paradigm of doing business for travel advisors today with the announcement that Qantas is its first NDC Direct airline partner.

Aeronology was founded in December 2019 by long-time travel industry executives Mr Russell Carstensen and Mr Ahmed Fakhra, and both are thrilled with the company’s continued growth and development in teaming up with Qantas, Australia’s national carrier.

“Aeronology is very proud being an Australian based travel technology start-up to welcome Qantas, an iconic global Australian based airline, as our first full NDC Direct Connect partner,” says Mr Carstensen, Aeronology CEO. 

“It has been an incredible journey over the past 18 months and despite the impact of COVID, Aeronology was able to connect with Qantas’s QDP team to create what is a unique travel advisor user experience.”

A seamless solution for at least ‘triple’ transactions

The Aeronology-Qantas NDC service is seamless, simple and no training is required. Furthermore, Mr Carstensen says this now means a travel advisor can generate “at least triple” of their current transactions using the platform. 

Aeronology provides the NDC ability to Search, Shop, Book, Ticket, Rebook, Reissue, Revalidate, Void and Refund all NDC and GDS/NDC transactions on one screen.”

The Qantas Distribution Platform enables travel sellers to deliver innovative, enhanced service, offering richer content that is relevant to the customer’s journey for a more personalised and seamless experience. 

NDC allows airlines to better sell and showcase their products effectively. With the technology available, a seat to Los Angeles should no longer be ‘just a seat’, Mr Carstensen explains. This is particularly true for full-service carriers like Qantas, with significant product differentiation and customer offers and providing this content to its travel industry partners.

Aeronology roadshow coming soon for the travel industry

“Aeronology will be presenting its NDC services to the travel industry over the remainder of 2021 via roadshows and online presentations,” Mr Carstensen says. “A key feature of our technology is that all transactions can download to any API connected Mid/Back Office seamlessly. 

“It’s going to be an amazing customer focused future, and NDC will drive the productivity and direct product and offers to customers not seen since 2008 when E Tickets were established.”


Theodore Koumelis

Co-Founder & Managing Director

Theodore is the Co-Founder and Managing Editor of TravelDailyNews Media Network; his responsibilities include business development and planning for TravelDailyNews long-term opportunities.