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91% of theme park guests in China want to pre-book everything

Date: Tue, 11/15/2016 - 00:03

Research highlights how guests want a connected and personalised experience that maximises enjoyment and minimises hassle.

91% of guests at resorts and theme parks in China want to pre-book their entire trip before they arrive, a survey by Omnico has found.
The first Omnico Theme Park Barometer explores the interactions of more than 2,000 theme park guests in the US, UK and China.
The research reveals that guests want to have all their accommodation, tickets, meals, merchandise and more organised in advance, cutting out any hassle.
91% of Chinese respondents also want to make cashless payments for everything in a theme park, using their smartphones or other devices, while 87% want to be able to order a restaurant table in advance and be welcomed upon arrival.
"Visitors overwhelmingly want connected experience where their enjoyment is priority and all difficulties and complications are removed," said Mel Taylor, CEO, Omnico Group. "Guests now expect operators to use technology to grant that experience."
Meanwhile, 83% of guests rate highly the need for click-and-collect, while 84% want to use an app to select and pay for merchandise while they are queueing, with delivery either immediately or to their room.
"The results of our Theme Park Barometer show that operators must ensure they are meeting customers' expectations for convenience and forward-planning," added Taylor. "Visitors want operators to use technology to give them a stress-free experience that is memorable for the right reasons. Enabling these guest experiences does not require major investment in new solutions, but intelligent integration that fits each piece of the jigsaw together perfectly, from Point-of-Sale systems to CRM and loyalty personalisation."
"We believe our Theme Park Barometer will be an indispensable tool that will help indicate where effort should be focused and investment needs to be made."
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