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Dr. Jaeyeon Choe identifies fast-growing niches of Korean travellers during the pandemic which can potentially constitute a very lucrative market

COVID-19 has undoubtedly increased our anxiety surrounding immunity, strength and general health by a significant amount.

Whilst Thailand today is considered safer, with no new local infections for the past 4 weeks – what about the

You will need a strategy for your re-opening. You should prepare an action plan for a variety of situations.

9 Chinese influencers share with Anita their opinion for travel after the Covid-19 era.

The situation in Thailand and particularly in Pattaya started at a very early stage.

4 trends post COVID-19 presented by Anita Chan at a recent webinar, together with some practical ideas for hotel GMs.

It is worth recording what we know about this pandemic for historical reasons and to look at a few questions

The Coronavirus epidemic unleashed a bloody attack on unprepared B2B companies, without any eCommerce functions and digital presence.

Many parts of China was lockdown since late January for like 2 months. They still have the money and interest