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Anita Chan is the CEO of Compass Edge. Anita worked for hotel chains, hotel representation companies in Canada, digital agencies for hospitality industry and leading OTA in Asia, soft brand company in Europe before joining Compass Edge.

Sometimes, the interpretation of the survey results will want to draw some political-correct conclusions. But if you challenge and think

Unfortunately, the more the rest of the world opens up to international travel, the higher the risk that China will

9 Chinese influencers share with Anita their opinion for travel after the Covid-19 era.

4 trends post COVID-19 presented by Anita Chan at a recent webinar, together with some practical ideas for hotel GMs.

Many parts of China was lockdown since late January for like 2 months. They still have the money and interest

According to Baidu big data, 82% of employees in the F&B (Food & Beverage) and Hotels sectors have returned to

You are missing a good opportunity if you stop your social media marketing efforts now

It has become much easier to leave China: Visa regulations are simplified or even totally abolished, many 2nd and 3rd

Branding is everything in China. The same mug, the same coffee can have a 10x price difference in China branded

In this article Anita Chan asked from China Experts outside of the travel & hospitality industry to share their perspective