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An easier way to reach out to the global traveller

A new interactive, map-based, travel marketing platform,, is set to be the game changer for the global travel industry, offering a commercially viable, yet affordable solution to this problem.

Millions of  travellers from around the world visit your country every year, yet many travel businesses today struggle to effectively capture the travel dollar. At the same time, millions are invested into marketing and advertising to cut through the online clutter. If only businesses all over the world had a better and easier way to market themselves directly to global travellers. If only there exists a solution and platform that allows any businesses to be easily discoverable to the tourist on the global travel map on their next travel getaway.
A new interactive, map-based, travel marketing platform,, is set to be the game changer for the global travel industry, offering a commercially viable, yet affordable solution to this problem. The platform will provide any business with the power to show themselves directly to the world where they are and what they have to offer. 

This is a boon for many small, family-sized businesses to bigger, well-known brands which want to expand their reach or growth markets beyond their home location or region. 
The platform centres on a high-definition interactive map that is easy to use and intuitive for the independent traveller who does not ever want to miss out on exciting happenings and events at their upcoming travel destination. 
Unlike existing map-based platforms, WhereIsWhere does not rely on search content or outdated navigational content. Instead, it uses updated content driven by the businesses which claim their locations on the platform. Content can range from practical details to special deals, or rich content from pictures to videos.
This is ideal for businesses, letting business owners manage and update content whenever the need arises, knowing that global travellers and consumers will see it.  
The launch you would not want to miss out on
WhereIsWhere is currently gearing for launch. In a short duration of time since its debut in March 2016, the company has signed up close to 17,000 partners onboard, ranging from big hotel chains like Marriott and Wyndham,to national &regional tourist boards, and specialist operators, such as F&B chains, attractions and landmarks. The rapid rate of sign-ups on the platform are astounding, showing a firm assurance and vote of confidence from the travel industry in WhereIsWhere for their business needs. 

WhereIsWhere Founder and Chief Executive, Terence Mak, says, “If you have interesting and fantastic content, deals and promos, there is no reason why you wouldn’t want to share where you are and what you’ve got with the world. Besides, sharing is free,” referring to the potential of WhereIsWhere as an “amplifier” for businesses to the world. “It is only when businesses start populating our platform with their content, actively sharing it on social, that will naturally bring consumers coming back for more.”
Flight-comparison site Skyscanner has also been named as a key launch partner, promising millions of impressions upon the platform’s launch in Q4 2016. 
How do I join this launch?
The steps to join the launch are simple and best of all – completely free – for registration, generating valuable free global consumer exposure and potential sales opportunities for businesses hungry for the travel dollar. 
For businesses, the steps are straightforward, simply:
1. Claim your location 
2. Update your content
3. Share and Embed your WhereIsWhere location
Businesses only pay if they wish to increase the relevance of their content to the consumer,  or make their location more visible to the consumer at the right place and time through geo-targeted banner advertising and placement advertisements.
If you would like to be more than just a pin on the global map, then look no further than WhereIsWhere to put yourself out there to the world and market yourself better. Try it out for yourself and you may actually find your solution to the age-old difficulty of reaching the global traveller. 


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