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Vaishnavi Joil

Co-Founder Flying Konkan Zipline Adventure Sports

As an IT engineer and a robotics expert, Vaishnavi Joil was as far away from starting an adventure tourism company, than anyone else! Yet the pandemic happened and the dream to form a tech Start-up transformed into a deep desire to do something to uplift the people of her hometown, Devgad and put it on the tourist map and path to development, just like its neighboring towns of Malvan and Ratnagiri. Devgad is a quaint little beautiful beach town, along the picturesque Konkan coastline, that has been the native of Joil family and the place where the sibling spent most of their childhood summer vacations lapping up delicious Devgad mangoes. This was also the place where there pandemic found them in their adult lives and also highlighted the various challenges faced by the locals.

As a woman entrepreneur herself, Vaishnavi is also invested in empowering the local women folk and plans to start a restaurant/ eatery that employs local women, who cook the best of local cuisines, so as to allow travelers the most authentic taste of the region while also helping local women become independent.

The Indian traveller today, now with the lockdown opening up is asking for more. This has triggered the growth of