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Athens Tours Greece

Athens Tours Greece is a Greek tour operator specialized in private sightseeing tours in Athens and other popular destinations in Greece.

We don’t just sell tours in Greece, we live them!

Athens Tours Greece is a Greek tour operator specialized in private sightseeing tours in Athens and other popular destinations in Greece. We are based in Athens and we offer travel services for every discerning traveller, who seeks for extra attention from their tour operator.

Athens Tours Greece is not affiliated with any travel agency or operator directly.
We are free to offer the best services and pieces of advice based on our extensive knowledge on the private & alternative tour industry without any obligations to a corporate entity.
Our main goal is to provide this extra touch that every traveller needs, therefore we are not interested in a quick sale. Instead, we are able to consult with you on your preferences, so as to provide you with affordable and money-saving options, due to our deep knowledge on destinations and private tours.
We will be working directly with you in every step so as to find the best possible destination, itinerary, hotels and vehicles to get the most out of your private sightseeing tour.
Private tours in Athens cover a wide range of themes and concepts aiming at meeting the needs of the most demanding visitors. We acknowledge that modern travellers do not usually have ample time to spend in just one city, therefore we have designed well-appointed private tours in Athens, that allow you to make the most out of your time in Greece.
Whether you are just one person, or a large group of people, you can find the type of private tours in Athens that represents what you are looking for.
Shore excursions in Greece & Turkey
Carefully planned shore excursions in Greece from the ports of call: Katakolon, Corfu, Mykonos, Santorini, Rhodes, Crete, Patmos, Istanbul, Ephesus, Izmir and Bodrum.
Private transfers
Athens Tours Greece offers door to door transfers such as Athens Airport transfers from or to your hotel in Athens, from/to Ports to your hotel or the airport.
Enjoy a private transportation with no pre-set departure times, no overcrowding on peak hour services, just a comfortable and smooth journey all the way to your destination with free meet and greet for private transfers.
We are ready to make you transportation experience even more affordable and enjoyable.
Creat your own custom Vacations Plan
Greece with its 6.000 island and its exciting history and landscape is a place for people of all ages and interests. Our goal at Athens Tours Greece is to provide seamless tour packages that allow guests time to explore each destination in their own way.
Suppose you have a travel idea and probably don’t know how to make it come true.
You are in control. Decide where you want to visit Greece, how long to spend and what type of accommodation suits you best.
Our team of local experts will advise and assist you to create the best possible itinerary based on your requirements.
Let Athens Tours Greece help you plan the perfect vacation in Greece for you!
Specialized tours in Greece
In our pages, you can find specialized tours for specific needs and interests such as:
• Wine tours that allow you to taste famous wines in Greece
• Christian tours in Greece, that follow the footsteps of St Paul
• Jewish tours, that take your to specific points of interest for Jewish people
• Photography tours in Athens, where you can take pictures from every corner of its picturesque quarters
• Walking tours in Athens, that give you the chance to see Athens on foot, exploring its hidden treasures and corners. 


Shared bus tours in Greece
Range from half-day tours to 5 and 7 days tours in South, Central and Northern Greece. No matter what you choose, all bus tours in Greece share a common characteristic: they are well-appointed, affordable tours conducted by Hotels, licensed tour guides, and fees for entrance to museums and archaeological sites  are included in the price. Let us guide you to Greece, while you sit comfortably, making new friends along the trip.
Honeymoon holiday packages in Greece
If you are on Honeymoon or on your Anniversary; Maybe you like a private wedding or even a secluded romantic getaway and more then you are at the wright website!
Athens Tours Greece honeymoon packages made easy. Find the perfect island and for your honeymoon in the Greek islands. These honeymoon packages are increasingly popular because of the uniqueness of each one of them. They’re the most stress-free, romantic option you can find.
Athens Tours Greece Crewed Yacht Charters and sailing to the Greek Islands is for the world’s most discerning traveler connoisseurs. Explore the turquoise waters of the Ionian islands and sail the deep blue waters of the Aegean sea on a luxury crewed private charter customized to your schedule.
Crystal clear, sparkling blue waters, long stretches of white-sand beaches, secluded anchorages and incredible flora and fauna mix beautifully with luxury hotels, five star restaurants and spas to ensure that your every desire becomes a reality.
Thousands of islands can be found in Greece, starting at the Aegean Sea sailing south at the Mediterranean and making your way west towards the Ionian islands.
Services Plus
– Hotels
– Ferry tickets in Greece
– Flight tickets in Greece
– International Flight tickets
– Helicopter and Airplanes services in Greece
– Rent a car 
In our website you will find a surprisingly vast variety of private Athens tours and Greece tours, that cater to your desires, as well as cost-effective shared tours by bus.
All private tours and shore excursions in Greece are fully customized to accommodate your specific needs and requirements, enabling you to enjoy your vacation in the most comfortable and affordable way.
We can take care of all your travel needs in Greece, whether it is a hotel reservation, rent a car, a ferry ticket, an air ticket to the Greek islands or just a transfer from Athens Airport to your hotel, a half-day private tour in Athens or a several-days-long tour in Greece.
Welcome to Greece! Welcome to paradise on earth! A land made from Gods for people!
Don’t just visit Greece… Experience it!
Athens Tours Greece
37, Syngrou Avenue
117 43 Athens, Greece
Tel: +30 210 4516106
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