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Saudi Arabia will have flights to Thailand available starting February 28, 2022.

Nepal has inoculated more than 44 percent of the citizens with a full dose of the vaccine till date.

The cases seem to be plateauing across the country for the past few days now. A total of 3,049 people

Unfortunately, the more the rest of the world opens up to international travel, the higher the risk that China will

Following the global surge in the Omicron variant cases, Nepal has decided to put inbound and outbound ban on both

Has travel and tourism in Thailand changed? Andrew J Woods gives the answer.

The COVID cases in the country right now are very low if not the lowest to date. 306 new cases

The revelations by Facebook Whistleblower Frances Haugen has exposed a darker underside. Travel & Tourism now has to decide whether

Automation, efficiency, and simplicity to define a decade of air travel.

The Asian continent has also produced some major sports icons, including football players for the NFL.