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Guestline is delighted to continue partnering with one ofThailand's largest hotel chains.

Food & Hospitality Thailand (FHT) is coming- and Guestline, market leaders in cloud-based hospitality technology, will be there!

The two years of lockdowns and restrictions led many hotel staff to leave the hospitality industry which now tries to

The last couple of years have shown the value and flexibility cloud-based systems can bring as hotels looked for more

By building metasearch into your online marketing strategy and ensuring a presence in the listings, you compete with OTA's and

Recent research by Google and Temasek found that Thailand’s internet economy was worth USD18 billion in 2020 and could grow

If moving to cloud-based technology is not a priority for your business, you could not only be missing out on

Sometimes, the interpretation of the survey results will want to draw some political-correct conclusions. But if you challenge and think

Spending time with some of Guestline's most valued partners provided a chance to get a first-hand insight into the needs

Positioned in the field of top world-class hotels in one of Asia’s favourite cities, this property is not only the