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CF-Hotels initiative reiterates TAT’s push towards sustainable tourism


The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) launches the CF-Hotels initiative to combat climate change, enabling hotels to manage and reduce their carbon footprint through sustainable practices.

Bangkok, Thailand – The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) invites hotel operators and tourists to be a part of its ‘CF-Hotels’ initiative to help reduce the impacts of climate change.

The online platform has been created to enable hotel and lodging operators to create a database of environmental inventory (energy, water, waste and greenhouse gases) and calculate the carbon footprint of their operations.

This will reflect the impact of the hotel operations on the environment and can indicate how successful the business is in sustainable management. The data can also be analysed to find ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, allowing hotels to make informed business management decisions to increase revenue and reduce expenses from energy consumption.

Hotels can also present the database as part of the submissions for a STAR (Sustainable Tourism Acceleration Rating) certification and the Thailand Tourism Awards.

The online platform currently has a network of 160 hotels across Thailand.

Tourists to can be a part of this effort to help prevent climate change by choosing to stay in any of these hotels where possible.

TAT developed the CF-Hotels online platform in cooperation with the Research Unit for Energy Economic and Ecological Management, Science and Technology Research Institute, Chiang Mai University. The project is carried out under the guidelines of the Thailand Greenhouse Gas Management Organisation.

The CF-Hotels initiative forms part of the TAT’s push towards more sustainable tourism and Net Zero Tourism.

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