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Interview with Tan Mai, MyTravelThru: Transforming Airport Transfers with Personalized Service and Sustainability

Discover how MyTravelThru, a global airport transfers provider, offers exceptional personalized services while prioritizing sustainability. Learn about their unique approach, AI integration, expansion plans, and a loyalty program that includes international airport lounge access.

MyTravelThru, a global airport transfers and ground transportation provider, was founded in November 2019 by Tan Mai, who recognized the challenges faced by the transportation industry during his previous work in hotels. Despite the difficulties posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, MyTravelThru successfully overcame the obstacles and currently operates in over 150 countries and 1,700 destinations worldwide.

What sets MyTravelThru apart from its competitors is its dedication to both clients and providers. While offering exceptional services and personalized trip experiences to clients, the company also focuses on helping its providers grow. By assisting them in gaining more bookings and expanding their operations, MyTravelThru has enabled providers in various markets, such as Mauritius and New York, to experience significant growth.

The company has implemented an affiliate program to collaborate with agencies and key opinion leaders (KOLs) in promoting its services. Leveraging the power of social media platforms like TikTok and Facebook, influencers and content creators can share customized links with their audiences. Whenever a booking is made through these links, MyTravelThru pays a small commission to the affiliate, encouraging them to generate more referrals.

Sustainability is a significant concern for MyTravelThru. The company recommends its services only to those who genuinely require private transportation, promoting the use of public transport for environmental benefits. To offset the carbon dioxide emissions generated by their operations, MyTravelThru engages in various practices. They conduct customer surveys, offering the option for customers to contribute a small portion of their payment to tree-planting initiatives. Additionally, the company calculates emissions per kilometer and invests its own funds, along with customer contributions, to grow trees in destinations like Danang, Vietnam.

Artificial intelligence (AI) plays a role in MyTravelThru’s business operations. The company employs AI in its chat feature to anticipate customer queries and provide relevant answers. The system also records customer preferences, allowing for personalized trip recommendations. This integration of AI enhances the customer experience and ensures efficient communication.

Looking to the future, MyTravelThru has ambitious plans for expansion. Their focus lies in island destinations, such as the Dominican Republic, Caribbean, Solomon Islands, Australia, Pacific, Fiji, and the Maldives. Additionally, they aim to diversify their product offerings beyond traditional cars by incorporating electric vehicles, thereby contributing to the reduction of carbon emissions. The company also intends to add essential products like tours, travel insurance, and eSIM cards to provide a comprehensive travel experience.

To reward customer loyalty, MyTravelThru will be launching a loyalty program in the near future. What sets its loyalty program apart is its unique offering of international airport lounge access in over 1,500 airports globally. Accumulated loyalty points can be exchanged for free rides and hotel nights, providing added convenience and benefits to frequent travelers.

Tan Mai expressed his enthusiasm for the ARIVAL | Activate Bangkok event, where he had the opportunity to connect with potential clients and partners. The comprehensive and meaningful discussions at the event have allowed MyTravelThru to establish valuable contacts and partnerships, making the event a highly rewarding experience for the company.

As MyTravelThru continues to grow and innovate, its commitment to exceptional service, provider support, sustainability, and customer loyalty sets it apart in the airport transfers and ground transportation industry.


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