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Exclusive interview with Bruce Rosard on the future of travel experiences in Asia

Discover the exciting vision of Bruce Rosard, Co-Founder & CCO of ARIVAL, as he shares insights from his exclusive interview on the future of travel experiences in Asia. Gain valuable knowledge about the evolving preferences of Asian travelers and the rapid growth of the experiences industry. Stay informed and be inspired by the latest trends and innovations shaping the travel landscape.

ARIVAL | Activate Bangkok 2023, held in Thailand, proved to be a resounding success, according to Bruce Rosard, Co-Founder & CCO of ARIVAL. During his interview with TravelDailyNews Asia-Pacific, Rosard highlighted the positive feedback received from participants, ranging from small to large companies. The event was well-received as it played a vital role in activating the experiences industry in Asia.

Rosard shared his vision for the future of the “Travel Experience” sector in Asia. He emphasized the changing preferences of Asian travelers, who now seek more authentic and individualized experiences. The era of mass group travel is fading, and this shift presents a significant opportunity for the experiences industry to flourish in the region. Rosard expects the industry to grow rapidly in the coming years due to evolving demographics and changing travel patterns.

When asked about ARIVAL’s upcoming events, Rosard mentioned the highly anticipated event in Orlando, FL. This event is regarded as their flagship event, attracting over 1000 attendees from around the world. The focus of this event will be on topics such as generative AI and the changing landscape of distribution. Orlando’s event will provide a global platform for industry players to discuss and explore the technological advancements shaping the travel experiences sector.

Another event mentioned by Rosard is ARIVAL Berlin, scheduled to take place in March. This event precedes ITB Berlin, a prominent gathering for the entire travel trade industry. ARIVAL Berlin serves as a dedicated forum for the travel experiences industry, attracting nearly 1000 participants from across the globe. Similar to previous editions, the event will feature discussions on generative AI and Google’s “things to do” platform. Additionally, the recovery of the European market will be a key focus, with a comprehensive analysis of different European markets, including the UK, France, Spain, and Italy.

Rosard expressed optimism about the European market’s rapid recovery, projecting that by 2024, it will surpass its pre-pandemic state. However, he noted that Asia’s recovery may take longer. ARIVAL 360 Berlin aims to provide a panoramic view of the European market, offering valuable insights and discussions about the region’s travel experiences industry.

ARIVAL’s series of events, including ARIVAL | Activate Bangkok, Orlando, and Berlin, continue to serve as essential platforms for industry professionals to connect, exchange ideas, and stay updated on the latest trends and technologies shaping the travel experiences sector. With the unwavering commitment of ARIVAL, the industry is poised to embrace a future of unprecedented growth and innovation.

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