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Taero officially launched as a world-first multi-air channel, full service corporate booking tool


Meet Taero, the groundbreaking self-service corporate booking tool by Aeronology. Simplify flight bookings, manage preferences, and access global reservation systems. Efficiency and cost savings redefined in business travel.

Taero, the world’s first multi–air channel full self-service corporate booking tool, has been launched at the 23rd btBT Business Travel Conference in Sydney, in front of Australia and New Zealand’s largest community of procurement travel category managers and representatives from the business travel supply chain.

Taero, powered by Australia’s travel technology innovator Aeronology, has created a powerful corporate online booking tool which enables Corporate, Mining, Off-Shore, Educational Institutions, and Government Entities to self-service all flight bookings online 24/7.

The days of waiting on phones for your TMC to do simple tasks have officially ended.

The travel arranger/advisor self-servicing covers the changing of flights, managing the rescheduling of flights, arranging bags, seats and booking Special Service Requests (SSR’s) such as meals, and mobility needs such as wheelchairs. Taero also instantaneously provides a full connection to visa, health and passport requirements for every known traveller type and document.

Taero’s full air connectivity includes Amadeus, Sabre, TravelPort and even TravelSky, China’s global reservation system. Taero has ‘Direct Connect’ and Full Self-Service to NDC airlines via its own proprietary technology. These airlines include Qantas, Singapore Airlines, Lufthansa Group, Swiss, Austrian, and Emirates. Over the next few months, the NDC Airline list will continue to grow with the inclusion of British Airways, Iberian, Aer Lingus, and American Airlines.

Taero’s future full self-service list of NDC development agreements will add United Airlines, Air France/KLM, LATAM, Cathay Pacific, Qatar Airways and Etihad, and others as they roll out to market.

Taero’s low-cost carriers include Jetstar and Scoot, with many more LLC’s being added soon.

“Taero’s marketing focus will be directed to TMC’s, and corporate booking tool users, and because Taero connects to all NDC/LCC & GDS PNR’s generated by TMC, all other OBTs’ servicing can be done by Taero,” confirmed Russell Carstensen, Founder and CEO of Aeronology.

“Aeronology’s aim is to collaborate with all TMC/Corporate Air Channel services to simplify, reduce costs and increase productivity 24/7, no matter where in the world the business sits.”

Mr Carstensen continued: “Aeronology is PCI DSS, GDPR and has ISO37000 certification via AWS, it is cloud based and has access to every IATA number plus PCC in the world if required. The Taero business model is to provide overall service improvements at all levels of the air booking process, with some estimates of large cost saving at the TMC level, and the same time saving for the Corporate Travel arranger and traveller.”

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