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Hakka Expo 2023 Debuts in Taoyuan, Taiwan: Bridging Technology with Culture

  • Taiwan Pavilion
    The Taiwan Pavilion and World Pavilion will rely on different works of installation art to convey the cultural essence of the Hakka people.
  • Various types of performances will be held in each exhibition area on each weekend during the event period.
  • Visitors can co-create with the artist with the AI system programing to generate their own artistic Hakka elements on the large woven bamboo ring.

2023 Hakka Expo in Taoyuan, Taiwan: A fusion of Hakka cultural heritage and smart city innovation. Experience installation art, music festivals, AI-driven exhibits, and more from August 11 to October 15.

TAOYUAN, TAIWAN – The 2023 Hakka Expo, running from August 11 to October 15 in Taoyuan, presents “Travel to Tomorrow,” a blend of Hakka cultural heritage with modern smart city innovations.

The Taiwan and World Pavilions will utilize installation art to encapsulate the rich Hakka culture. Attendees can expect a range of performances each weekend. Highlighted is “Into the 1895 – The Story of Hakka,” where dancers pair with elements like fire to epitomize Hakka literary grace. Concurrently, the Taoyuan Hakka Music Festival will host international pop acts, while the “Hakka Symphony” merges Eastern and Western musical influences. The “So Young Taoyuan Is!” event promises a contemporary mix of hip-hop, pop, and DJ sets.

An interactive feature allows visitors to employ AI system programming to infuse their personal artistic flair into traditional Hakka elements displayed on a bamboo ring.

The Taiwan Pavilion provides an immersive journey through the Hakka culture across Taiwan’s regions, while the World Pavilion gives insights into Hakka settlements in 20 countries using AI-driven art in a ring-centric display. The experience aims to deepen understanding and appreciation of Hakka history and lifestyle.

Before concluding their visit, attendees can engage with the “Hakka AI robot,” an interactive experience that allows for Hakka language conversations and memory-building games.

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