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Taiwan’s Taitung targets South Korean tourists with unique promotional event

Taiwan’s Taitung County hosted its first Seoul tourism event, showcasing natural beauty, culture, and culinary delights to attract South Korean tourists.

TAITUNG, Taiwan – The Republic of Korea was the No. 3 source of inbound tourists to Taiwan in 2023, with travelers numbering more than 600,000. With that in mind, Taiwan’s southeastern county of Taitung held its first tourism promotional event in Seoul on March 27 and presented specially designed packages focusing on Taitung’s natural scenery, cultural flavor, and delicious fruits and seafood. In addition, new travel incentives received an enthusiastic response from tour operators present at the event.

The Taitung County government has actively targeted South Korean tourists since 2023, working with a Taiwanese reality TV show which has been popular throughout Asia and, with the help of the program and TV celebrities living in the county during production, presenting the county’s beautiful scenery and leisurely pace to audiences in the region. In addition, Korean YouTubers were invited to fly over the breathtaking Rift Valley on a hot air balloon so that Korean visitors to Taiwan will make sure to include Taitung in their travel planning.

At the promotional event, Instaworthy spots at Chishang and Changbin Villages were introduced along with the enormous Pacific Ocean. Also presented to the tour operators were the Taiwan International Balloon Festival and other activities popular with foreign visitors such as a surfing competition, a triathlon and Taitung’s starry night sky, etc. Catering to the palate of South Korean visitors, locally produced coffee beans, special coffee shops and fruits such as mangos and pineapple-flavored sugar apples were presented at the event.

Korean visitors can reach Taitung by going past the eastern county of Hualien from Taipei to see all of eastern Taiwan or they can choose to land in the port city of Kaohsiung before taking the southern route to Taitung, said Hung Kuo-chin, deputy director of Taitung County’s Transportation and Tourism Development Department. Visitors can both explore the cities and enjoy the leisurely pace in Taitung, he said, adding that his county hopes to welcome more visitors from South Korea in 2024 so they can relax, have fun while having an entirely different cultural experience.

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