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Chadchart Sittipunt on Transforming Bangkok: Infrastructure, Investment, and Mobility

Explore the strategic vision of Chadchart Sittipunt, Governor of Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA), as he discusses the city’s efforts to enhance liveability, boost infrastructure, attract international investment, and improve mobility. Insights from a candid interview by David Barrett, Host of Trends, on September 19th.

The Governor highlighted that Bangkok is one of the most loved cities in the world by tourists, but the city has a very low ranking in the Liveability index.

Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) has focused on mass transport with the overhead BTS Sky Train and underground MRT train systems which have been immensely successful and a popular mode of public transport.

The focus of BMA is improving Bangkok’s infrastructure while also attracting new international investment into the Thai capital. One example of a major global company locating their headquarters in Bangkok is Agoda with 3,000 staff worldwide the chose the Thai capital as their global base.

International companies are setting up factories in the Eastern seaboard industrial estates zone and Thailand wishes to attract more companies in the service industries to Bangkok. There is lots of modern office space, affordable living expenses and the friendly locals make it a strong proposition to relocate and start up businesses in Bangkok.

The Governor’s vision to Bangkok 2030 is efficient mobility. He hopes that with 500 kilometres of train line expected to be completed by 2030, this should help elevate road traffic as there will be a good option and alternative to driving a car. The Governor is confident that residents and visitors will see an improvement in the transportation infrastructure.

Air quality and the issue of PM2.5 needs to be addressed and solved. The risk of serious flooding in the Thai capital will be reduced with the introduction of new infrastructure. Given the city-wide initiatives that are in place and in planning, Khun Chadchart is pretty confident that Bangkok will increase in the Liveability Index from 98 to be in the top 50.

Now we have political stability with a newly elected government, the Government hopes that infrastructure projects for the Thai capital will move forward quickly and with a better Bangkok the city will attract new talent.

Khun Chadchart also mentioned his new project to attract Film makers to Bangkok by easing bureaucracy and making a lot easier for international film production companies to make movies in Bangkok. The Governor highlighted the benefit of Bangkok appearing in films and cited Netflix. A film not only brings in revenue during the filming, it has a much bigger impact of attracting the film’s audience to Bangkok.

In terms of future development of Bangkok, Khun Chadchart explained that there is room for expansion and growth of the city. We have the opportunity to increase the density of the population in Bangkok whilst ensuring a comfortable lifestyle for all.

The interview was held on 19 September by David Barrett, Host of Trends.

David Barrett
Managing Director - DBC Asia

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