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Taxi rides between tourist sports in Tokyo are now less expensive and more convenient.

The first frequent flyer program to allow customers to rent cars for points redemptions in mainland China.

While on a trip, Uber riders can choose to receive recommendations on the Cleartrip app, on exciting events and experiences

The new buses have more GOLD seats available than on previous vehicles, and are the first with GOLD seats on

Amadeus Next aims to foster the growth and development of Asia Pacific's leading travel and tech startups.

The car rental company launches a specialized website to provide Cathay Pacific's passengers with added convenience when booking a vehicle

Along the routes to these winter wonderlands, travellers will be wowed by the great wonders of nature as well as

High-speed rail has become a dream come true for travellers all around the world, who they can now visit many

Tobu Railway offers routes to five special locations for Winter Light Festival 2016

Both of these wins truly reaffirm Hertz's position as the leading car rental operator in Asia-Pacific