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Hyderabad real estate developers hail efforts by Government to streamline operating processes

Emphasizes the need for streamlined processes for approval, integrated with necessary approvals from different departments to speed-up the construction activity.

HYDERABAD, INDIA – The Confederation of Real Estate Developers Association of India (CREDAI) in association with National Real Estate Development Council (NAREDCO), Telangana Builders Federation (TBF), and Telangana Developers Association (TDA) hailed the efforts of the Chief Secretary, Government of Telangana, Smt. A Shanti Kumari to bring together the heads of more than 20 departments required to facilitate and provide permissions to developers to pursue the real estate development in the state at the Secretariat. This meeting is first of its kind in Telangana for the real estate industry convened by the Government of Telangana on the initiative by CREDAI. The purpose of the meeting was to understand the pain-points of the developers and explore the possibility of exploring appropriate solutions to the issues, integrating necessary permissions on TS-BPass platform to improve the ease of doing business in the state.

The high-powered delegation included Shri Arvind Kumar, Special Chief Secretary, MA&UD, Shri Dana Kishore, Managing Director of Hyderabad Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board, Shri Naveen Mittal, Principal Secretary, Land Revenue and Registration with Additional Charge as Chief Commissioner of Land Administration, N Satyanarayana, Chairperson of the Telangana State Real Estate Regulatory Authority (TS RERA), Commissioner GHMC, HMDA, HMWS&SB, GST, Chief EO, TS-Bpass, DG – Fire & Disaster Management, MD – TSSPDCL, IG – Stamps and Registration Department, TSIIC, besides Irrigation, Mining, Environment, Pollution Control, Labour and officials from the different Collectorate and Police department. The Real Estate Developers were represented by Mr. P Ramakrishna Rao, President CREDAI Hyderabad, Mr. Sunil Chandra Reddy, President of NAREDCO, Telangana, Mr. G V Rao, President-Telangana Developers Association, Mr. C Prabhakar Rao, President-Telangana Builders Federation, Mr. G Anand Reddy, Vice President, CREDAI Hyderabad, Mr. Aditya Gowra, Treasurer CREDAI Hyderabad and Mr. Vijay Sai Meka, Secretary General, NAREDCO, Telangana.

According to Mr. P Ramakrishna Rao, President CREDAI Hyderabad said, “We are very grateful to the Chief Secretary for facilitating this coordination committee meeting with the officials from almost 20 departments in TS Government. This is a major exercise and shows their concern and eagerness to understand the issues and make an effort to resolve them. Although Telangana is way ahead of other states in the adoption of systems like TS-Bpass, however there are still some issues which need to be resolved, to make the system seamless. We have highlighted the issues related to the masterplan, Dharini portal and the delay in approvals caused by the prevailing ambiguity and given suggestions to help streamline the processes further. We also request both GHMC and HMDA to set up technical helpdesks to resolve applicants’ queries, clarify the issues to help a speedy resolution and faster execution. We have also requested for the complete interconnection of TS-Bpass platform with TS RERA platforms to reflect statutory project approvals to streamline the process and hasten project approvals. The TS Government officials were receptive of our concerns and the representatives have listed down the issues. We hope to see positive progress in the time to come helping further improve the business environment in the state.”

Adding to this Mr. Sunil Chandra Reddy, President of NAREDCO, Telangana said, “To help the city grow and accommodate the rapidly growing population, the government has taken up several initiatives to streamline the approval process and speed up the development. Despite all the efforts, some issues still need to be addressed to further ease the process. As a case to consider, Police NOC is essential for malls and multiplexes, as many as 11 approvals are required at the beginning the project and before starting the operations. We request the department to relook at the same and develop a process for streamlining. Similarly, we would also request appointment of a dedicated officer to look into issues related to Dharani Portal and technical aspects, matters and concerns of the applicants to ease and resolve the issues at the faster pace.”

Adding to this Mr. G V Rao, President-Telangana Developers Association, said, “There are no storm water drains and sewer network in many parts of new developments. There is always huge amount of storm water and it is not known where shall it be discharged. Some of the projects are inundated with excess storm water. The water cannot be harvested or recharged with the rain intensity. Also, there is a huge amount of excess Recycled water even after using of Flushing and Irrigation. This water cannot be even recharged to ground. There is no way to discharge this water. Request Department to look at the problem and suggest way forward. Also, there is a condition that Solar PV and Solar hot water system to be provided for all projects more than 100 residential units. But the capacity is not indicated. It also may please be noted that Solar Hot water for high rise residential projects is not a feasible option. ECBC recommends 20% of required Hot water from Solar system. It is first of all difficult to plan for high rise with limited Roof top availability and also requirement of recirculation pumps etc. Hence instead of Solar hot water, Solar PV of capacity based on percentage of Roof coverage may be suggested.”

According to Mr. C Prabhakar Rao, President-Telangana Builders Federation, “We have also raised the concern to make the TS-BPass more inclusive by ensuring the required approvals for borewells, temporary electricity connections etc. are issued along with the long with the building permission. We also request the department to look at the issue of the loss to every stakeholder towards 10% mortgage. It leads to the loss of GST revenue as the units are sold post receipt of OC, loss of bank funding blocking valuable capital for the builder and difficulty of selling these odd units which are released post receipt of OC. We hope if the issues raised to the different departments are taken up on priority and resolved appropriately, it will help make doing business easier.”

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