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Songtsam partners with Canadian outdoor brand Arc’teryx to launch two stores in Yunnan

Xu Yang, General Manager, Arc’teryx Greater China and Zhishi Qilin, CEO, Songtsam Group;

The two stores include Arc’teryx’s first “Destination Store” at Songtsam Linka Retreat Shangri-La and Arc’teryx / Songtsam retail store located in “Spring City”.

New York, US –  Songtsam, an award winning luxury boutique group of hotels, lodges and tours located in the Tibet and Yunnan Provinces of China, in collaboration with the Canadian outdoor brand, Arc’teryx, announced the opening of the first two Arc’teryx / Songtsam stores in Yunnan. One is Arc’teryx’s first “destination store,” Arc’teryx Mountain Classroom Shangri-La Center, located on the top of the mountain (over 9,842 feet) in Songtsam Linka Retreat Shangri-La. The second  is an Arc’teryx / Songtsam retail store located in “Spring City” Kunming’s Plaza 66, with a reception area that reflects Songtsam’s traditional Tibetan decor. 


Zhishi Qilin, CEO of Songtsam Group, “Arc’teryx was born among the snow-capped mountains, and was born in the ultimate place where human beings explore the world; there are also many snow-capped mountains on the land where Songtsam is located. It is our hope that the two brands will work together to get closer to the snow-capped mountains in a more specific, intimate, and at the same time more environmentally friendly and sustainable way.”

The five year partnership between Songtsam and Arc’teryx, two luxury brands, is based on the shared mission of perfecting the user experience. Songtsam, for the past 20 years has developed itself into a brand which promises travelers exclusive adventures in what many thought of as “remote and unreachable” destinations, creating the ultimate boutique luxury hotel experience. Arc’teryx, launching its first “destination store,”  a new retail format, with its mission to present Arc’teryx professional products and ultimate services for outdoor destinations and providing ‘bird fans’ with a home away from home and a place to communicate with friends in a true alpine travel setting.”


Xu Yang, General Manager of Arc’teryx Greater China, said, “This partnership is a unique  encounter between two peaks in the outdoor space. I believe that the two brands, by joining forces, will help to spread Tibetan culture, outdoor sports, biodiversity and snow mountain environmental protection.”

Songtsam and Arc’teryx will also partner to launch a Limited Edition co-branded clothing line. 

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