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Cycling Tourism

Pedals and Pathways: Unveiling the Rise of Cycling Tourism in Southeast Asia

Cycling in Asia

Exploring the booming cycling tourism scene in Southeast Asia, from Thailand’s scenic routes to Cambodia’s ancient trails, and the pivotal role of e-bikes in transforming tourist experiences.

Cycling tourism in Southeast Asia is rapidly growing, offering an array of experiences for cyclists of all skill levels and interests. The region’s diverse landscapes, from tropical coastlines and verdant jungles to craggy mountain ranges, provide a stunning backdrop for cycling adventures. Southeast Asia, particularly countries like Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos, offers some of the world’s most spectacular journeys for cyclists​.

Cycling Tourism in Southeast Asia

The latest trends in cycling tourism in Southeast Asia highlight an emphasis on urban mobility systems that cater to both locals and tourists. A key reference is the book Urban Mobility Systems in the World by G. Lesteven (2024), which explores the geographical diversity of mobility systems, including case studies from Asia. This work suggests a growing trend towards creating more bike-friendly urban environments that support cycling tourism.

The movement towards sustainable and eco-friendly travel options has bolstered cycling tourism, with countries in Southeast Asia investing in cycling infrastructure and promoting bike tours that showcase their cultural and natural heritage.

The introduction of e-bikes has significantly impacted cycling tourism in Southeast Asia. These bikes, which assist riders with pedaling, make longer distances and uphill climbs more accessible, particularly for newer or less experienced cyclists. Thailand, for example, has seen a surge in e-bike sales following the coronavirus pandemic, attributed to their versatility and the growing consumer awareness of environmental issues. The government has also taken measures to attract foreign e-bike manufacturers, aiming to boost the adoption of electric vehicles and promote cycling tourism further​​.

Popular Destinations

Southeast Asia’s popular cycling routes include the Chiang Mai-Mae Hong Son loop in Thailand, known for its scenic beauty and cultural diversity, and Vietnam’s National Highway 1, which stretches the length of the country and offers a mix of rural and urban experiences. Cambodia’s Angkor Wat and the surrounding temples provide a majestic setting for cycling, while Laos offers adventurous rides in the mountainous north and the flat Bolovan plateau in the south​.

Profile of Asian Cycling Tourists

Cycling tourists in Southeast Asia are diverse, ranging from those seeking technical mountain biking challenges to leisure cyclists exploring urban centers and cultural sites. The region’s cycling routes cater to a wide range of preferences, offering everything from long haul road trips to gentle rides suitable for novices. Tour companies often provide support vehicles, making the experience more accessible to a broader audience.

EuroVelo and the “Bike Friendly” Label

Drawing parallels with Europe’s EuroVelo, a comprehensive network of cycling routes across the continent, Southeast Asia could benefit from a similar coordinated approach to promote cycling tourism. The success of the “Bike Friendly” label in Greece, which recognizes destinations, hotels, and points of interest catering to the needs of cycling tourists, offers a model that could be adapted to the Southeast Asian context. Establishing a recognized standard for cycling-friendly services could further enhance the region’s appeal as a top destination for cycling enthusiasts.

In conclusion, cycling tourism in Southeast Asia is on an upward trajectory, fueled by the rising popularity of e-bikes, government initiatives, and the region’s inherent natural beauty and cultural richness. The experiences offered range from challenging mountain trails to serene rides through historical sites, catering to a wide spectrum of cyclists. Adopting and adapting successful models from Europe, like the EuroVelo network and the “Bike Friendly” label, could further position Southeast Asia as a premier destination for cycling tourism on the global stage.

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