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Exploring Tomorrow’s Tourism: Insights from Bangkok University’s Young Minds

David Barrett explores the future of tourism with Bangkok University students at Ritz-Carlton Residences Bangkok, discussing trends, sustainability, and their aspirations within the hospitality industry.

In this latest installment of Trends, our Golden Oldie presenter, David Barrett, delves into the future of tourism with the perspectives of three bright students from Bangkok University. Ms. Napassorn Thongsukgraciously, Mr. Chakkraphan Linkletter (Dexter) and Mr. Chaithat Darayen (Petch) joined us at the luxurious Ritz-Carlton Residences Bangkok at Mahanakhon Tower to share their thoughts on tourism trends, educational pursuits and sustainability concerns. Additionally, they offered enticing recommendations for our next holiday destination.

Napassorn highlighted Bangkok University’s esteemed international tourism and hospitality programme, emphasizing the expertise of experienced lecturers with practical industry backgrounds. Despite her concerns regarding the environmental impact of tourism, she remains optimistic about the future of tourism.

Dexter, with experiences ranging from Bali to Las Vegas, revealed his culinary passion as a foodie and aspiration to pursue a career in hotel management, with dreams of leading a major hospitality chain like Marriott and Hilton as General Manager of a hotel. Expressing a desire to explore Dubai’s vibrant hospitality scene, he aims to infuse his future endeavors with passion and excellence.

Meanwhile, Petch selected Bangkok University for his studies because of its multicultural environment and language flexibility, envisioning a future in the tourism sector. Apparently, course are available in Chinese, English and Thai languages. With aspirations to establish his own tour operator business, he emphasized the importance of personalized hospitality in a competitive market.

When asked about holiday destinations, Napassorn recommended the picturesque beaches of Krabi, while Dexter expressed a longing for the untamed wilderness of Montana, USA. Petch advocated for Isaan, the northeastern region of Thailand, renowned for its rich cultural experiences and fiery cuisine.

All three students acknowledged the transformative impact of digital technology on the tourism industry, viewing it as an opportunity rather than a threat. Despite their shared concerns for sustainability, their youthful enthusiasm may have tempered their expressions of environmental apprehensions.

Filmed against the backdrop of the luxurious Ritz-Carlton Residences Bangkok, this episode not only provided insights into tomorrow’s tourism but also showcased the prestigious educational institution shaping the minds of the next generation. We extend our gratitude to Bangkok University for their collaboration in showcasing these forward-thinking students.

As we contemplate the future of travel, guided by the perspectives of these future tourism leaders, let us heed their call for sustainable and culturally immersive experiences. After all, in their hands lie the keys to shaping a more responsible and enriching tourism landscape for the next generation to come.

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David Barrett is a MICE Consultant, Marketing Strategist and digital video advocate. Founder of DBC Group, Member of Institute of Place Management (MIMP) his motto is “Everybody has a story to tell. Let me tell yours.”

David is a long-term resident of Bangkok having lived and worked in the Thai capital for more than 32 years. He is recognised in the Thai tourism and hospitality industry for his passion for promoting Thailand, his love of Thai food, and his creative approach to marketing.

64 years young, David is a Brit in Bangkok. Born in St Helier, UK, he returned to the UK and set up home in Cornwall during the COVID pandemic. With business back as usual, David has returned to Thailand. He’s a man on a mission to interview leaders and trend-setters in business, sustainability, the arts and entertainment. You can watch his weekly conversations on Trends YouTube channel.