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Mt. Huashan tourism promotion campaign held in Beijing

Huashan Mountain, 2,155 meters in height, is one of China's five famous mountains. The national scenic site and national 5A tourist attraction is located 120 km east of China's former ancient capital of Xi'an, south of the Wei River valley and Yellow River.

BEIJING – Mt. Huashan Scenic Area held the 2013 Mt. Huashan Tourism Promotion Campaign at the Lao She Teahouse in Qianmen, Beijing on August 2. Themed as “China Dream – Love of Mt. Huashan,” the campaign aimed to allow people living in and around Beijing to appreciate the sense of adventure and the uniqueness of the experience that a trip to Mt. Huashan would bring. Nearly 100 executives from the Huashan Scenic Area Management Committee and the Beijing Municipal Commission of Tourism Development, travel agent representatives, media and grassroots bloggers attended the event.

The event website posted more than 50 scenic photos of Mt. Huashan, through which the visitors could gain a real sense of the sheer precipitousness of its cliffs and its ruggedness, the serene Taoist temples, the misty clouds and beautiful landscape of the mountain. In addition, the venue also showcased coarse linen, shadow puppets, dream fairy pillows, flower buns and other tourist souvenirs, each of which are representative of the local characteristics and the style, charm and flavor of Shaanxi.

Mt. Huashan was called the West Mountain in ancient times. It is located in Weinan, Shaanxi Province. The mountain is 2154.9m above sea level, the highest of China’s five renowned mountains. Mt. Huashan has up to 290 known attractions, each one unique in its own way, set against a distinctive and varying landscape — hence a perfect place to avoid the summer heat, have a challenging adventure and experience the Taoist regimen.

Huo Wenjun, Director of the Huashan Scenic Area Management Committee, gave a speech at the event. He said that in recent years, Huashan Scenic Area has embarked on a fast track for tourism development, with the number of tourists and operating income increasing rapidly year by year. Huashan Scenic Area has been constantly exploring its culture and tourism resources to build a modern tourist destination for travel, leisure and entertainment, including spas and restaurants serving cuisines from around the world. Through the promotion, Huashan Scenic Area expects to establish close relations with travel agencies and media in Beijing, in an effort to build Mt. Huashan into a scenic destination for Beijing visitors.

At the promotional event, Huashan Scenic Area Management Committee announced to the media that it would distribute a package of free tickets with an aggregate value of 800,000 RMB to residents of Beijing, including 2,000 entrance tickets, 2,000 cableway tickets to the West Peak and 2,000 cableway tickets to the North Peak. The ticket presentation was held at XinDongAn Square on Wangfujing Pedestrian Street on August 4. Mt. Huashan Scenic Area warmly welcomes the residents of Beijing to visit and enjoy the cool summer air, have challenging adventures and experience the Taoist way of life!

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