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Green island deep in Mount Tianshan: Narat

Narat Grassland Resort, enjoying its name of one of the world's top four river valley grasslands in the world, is also rated as the "Grassland in the Space" by its densely-distributed mountainous springs and luxuriant forest.

NALATI – It is said that “travelers don’t want to visit other mountains after touring Mount Huang and they don’t want to visit other water sceneries after visiting Jiuzhaigou Valley.” Moreover, many tourists commented that “tourists don’t want to visit other grasslands after visiting Narat.”

Sinkiang Narat Grassland Resort, a national 5A Scenic Spot, is located in the interior of Mount Tianshan, enjoying the nickname of “Paradise in the World.” Narat boasts undulating mountains, green grass, broad grassland, and rivers. With its unique and unspoiled natural beauty, Mount Tianshan gives Narat its picturesque scenery.

Every June, the Narat Grassland enters into its golden season with the migration of large groups of animals. All kinds of gatherings are held here. The Narat Grassland Resort has beena famous pasture since ancient times. River valleys, mountainous peaks, deep gorges and forest radiate and highlight their beauty to one another. Tourist can also experience the folk customs of the Kazak people.

One tenth of the Chinese Kazak population lives on the Narat Grassland. Thus the Narat Grassland was awarded the fame of “The grassland where most Kazak people live” by the Shanghai Guinness Headquarters. It is also the platform to exhibit folk customs, history, and culture of the Kazak people. Apart from watching the activities of horse racing, sheep snatching, and wrestling, tourists can walk into a herdsman’s yurt house, taste unique specialties like crusty pancake, milky tea, cheese and butter, watch Kazak women perform sheepshearing, make wool felt rug and broidery tapestry.

Travelling route: Taking a plane from Beijing to Urumqi, and then taking a bus or plane from Urumqi to the Narat Grassland.

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