Latest News Group unveils AI-powered enhanced travel services
Artificial Intelligence Group unveils AI-powered enhanced travel services

  • Group introduces advanced AI-driven services to revolutionize the travel experience, with curated lists such as “Trip.Trends,” “Trip.Best,” and “Trip.Deals.” Also, learn about their Global Travel SOS Platform’s recent upgrade to provide more efficient emergency assistance.

Leading travel service provider, Group, revealed a range of enhanced services in a press conference yesterday. These services, driven by advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, are intended to empower travellers, transforming the way they experience their journeys.

James Liang, Co-founder and Executive Chairman of Group, said during the press conference, “Tourism, being the embodiment of our intrinsic desire to explore and experience, will remain crucial in an increasingly smart society. Although AI cannot replace the unique human experience of travel, it can enrich it. That’s why Group is embracing technological development, focusing on advanced AI-driven services to enhance the travel process and overall experience.”

In a bid to offer a seamless and hassle-free booking experience, Group has rolled out a series of AI-enhanced curated lists – “Trip.Trends,” “Trip.Best,” and “Trip.Deals.” Each of these lists caters to different user needs and preferences by capturing real-time information about the latest travel trends, price fluctuations, and the best-rated hotels, flights, and attractions.

“Trip.Best” is designed for global travellers seeking the finest experiences a destination can offer, including flights, hotels, attractions, and lifestyle choices such as restaurants and nightlife. The list is curated by examining various travel products on and scoring them using an algorithm. Only the top 1% of the scored products are featured.

For those with a keen eye for budget-friendly options, “Trip.Deals” offers the best deals on flights, accommodation, and travel destinations. The list is curated considering various factors, such as historical and projected price changes and current travel expenses.

On the other hand, “Trip.Trends” keeps a pulse on the most popular travel topics and events across different markets. This feature feeds off user searches across various platforms, including, mainstream online search engines, and social media, providing users with up-to-date information about the most exciting activities and events worldwide.

“We have seen a robust recovery in travel across various markets, with many reporting numbers surpassing pre-pandemic levels,” said Bo Sun, CMO of Group. “We are delighted to launch this series which will further enable our customers to plan and book their next perfect trip, tailored to their requirements and preferences.”

The launch of these curated lists aligns with the Group’s content marketing strategy, driving consumer awareness and equipping them with relevant information to snag the best deals. During the pandemic, Group expanded its content offerings with additions like Trip Moments on, livestreaming, and Star Hub, an enhanced marketing tool for suppliers. In 2022, the number of influencers on the Group’s content platforms increased by 47% YoY, while user-generated content rose by 33% compared to the previous year. The average content viewed per user also saw an upward trend.

The company also announced an upgrade to its Global Travel SOS Platform. Since its initial launch in 2017, the platform has been providing 24/7 online service for global tourists in emergency situations within 2 minutes. The recent upgrade promises enhanced response speed and service efficiency during large-scale emergencies. Currently, the platform collaborates with over 1 million healthcare centers worldwide, offering support in 24 local languages through the Group’s 78 local offices.

In closing, Jane Sun, CEO of Group, stated, “Customers are the heart of everything we do at Group. One of our key priorities is to empower them to make informed decisions. As we move forward, we will continue to harness technology to enhance user experiences and unlock new value for our customers.”

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