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Travelport unveils the AI-driven Content Curation Layer, enhancing Travelport+ with faster, more accurate search results for travel agencies worldwide.

Digital Domain and Plaza Premium Group collaborate on AI-powered digital human services, set to revolutionize global hospitality and airport services.

In the social media era, romanticized views of dream destinations often clash with local realities, as seen in cities like Group's Envision 2024 Conference gathers over 1,600 global partners, highlighting innovation, AI, and strategic growth in the travel industry.

Sabre Corporation teams up with South Korea's InterparkTriple, integrating Sabre's Travel AI to enhance personalized online travel experiences.

In Episode 31 of Trends, Prof. Pin Pin from Sasin discusses leveraging AI to enhance lives and businesses, offering insights Group promotes female leadership in travel, launches mentorship events, and supports women in the community globally.

Vietnam Airlines led the 2024 International Airline Symposium in Hanoi, focusing on navigating aviation in a dynamically evolving world.

2024 marks a transformative year for travel with a shift from 'revenge travel' to personalized experiences. Influencers, using AI, are

This study explores the impact of service robots on perceived safety and customer preferences in hospitality post-COVID-19, highlighting shifts towards