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Accor plans to serve SOURCE, the world’s first renewable drinking water made purely from sunlight and air

Global hospitality leader to offer ultra-premium drinking water at select hotel in Singapore.

SINGAPORE – Global hospitality leader Accor is partnering with SOURCE Global, PBC to bring the world’s first truly sustainable bottled drinking water brand to prominent hotels in Singapore.

With people, societies, and communities at the heart of its strategy, and a history of embracing innovation and environmentally friendly business practices, Accor will replace single-use plastic bottled water at key hotels in Singapore with premium drinking water packaged in reusable glass bottles and made by SOURCE Hydropanels – a ground-breaking solar-powered technology that harvests the pure, endlessly renewable water vapour in the air and transforms it into premium drinking water. Each Hydropanel can offset more than 50,000 plastic bottles in its lifetime. SOURCE will deliver its water in reusable glass bottles, which will be collected, cleaned, and refilled near the SOURCE “Water Farm”.

The project is part of Accor’s global commitment to increase circularity in its operation and eliminate single-use plastics in the guest experience, consistent with the UN Global Tourism Plastics Initiative and the Resource Sustainability Bill passed by the Singaporean Government in 2019, which is part of the Government's zero-waste initiatives.

“We are really proud to be partnering with SOURCE on this incredible solution that allows us to serve sustainable drinking water at our hotels”, says Nigel Moore, Senior Vice President, Food & Beverage, Southeast Asia, Japan & South Korea. “This partnership was a natural extension of the work we are doing to ensure our hotels operate more sustainably and make a positive impact on the communities in which we are present. We look forward to showcasing this great concept with our guests”.

“SOURCE offers an innovative answer to industry leaders committed to sustainability and the conscious consumers they serve,” said Neil Grimmer, Brand President of SOURCE Global, PBC. “We’re proud to partner with Accor as they redefine sustainable luxury and offer a unique and exceptional experience for their guests.”

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