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Six best places everyone should visit in Asia

If you’re planning a trip to some of the major travel countries, make sure to prepare your bucket list to enjoy your holidays even more.

Being the largest continent, there’s no doubt that Asia has a lot of countries that offer top travel spots in the world. Thus, if you’re looking for fun and adventure, traveling to Asian countries is worth splurging for. Here are six countries that you should add to your bucket list.

1. Thailand
If you’re traveling with a minimal budget, Thailand is one of the best places to be. You’ll surely enjoy it without breaking the bank. Aside from it’s a non-visa country, Thailand is also known for its quality yet cheap finds. This country is even considered the honeymoon paradise of Asia. Thus, if you’re traveling with someone special, this is a must-visit place.

2. Philippines
The Philippines has been one of the most visited countries by travelers over the years. This country offers beautiful tourist spots, especially white sand beaches. Aside from these exciting destinations, the Philippines proudly showcases some of its best dishes, such as Lechon, Adobo, Sinigang, and many more.

Not just that, Filipino people are well-known for their hospitality and positive attitude. They treat tourists like family. This is why tourists fall in love with this country and keeps on coming back.

3. China 
If you travel to discover history and culture, don’t think twice about visiting China. This country definitely has a lot of stories to tell. Aside from being rich in ancient facts, China also offers their tourist an unforgettable food experience. From exotic street foods to international cuisines, name it, they have it.

4. South Korea 
Korea is a well-known place for its good food and night markets. But, what tourists like most about Korea is their pleasant weather. So, if you’re looking for a destination where you can find peace and serenity, include South Korea on your bucket list.

Aside from the nice weather, there’s a variety of fun activities you can experience in this country, such as trekking, fishing, and more. Thus, it would be best if you prepare an itinerary for your visit. You can source references from reliable websites like Things To Do, a travel site that publishes informative guides — perfect for your upcoming trips.

5. Tokyo, Japan 
Of course, you shouldn’t miss Japan. One of the places that have the most advanced technology. It’s even considered one of the busiest countries as the locals are very productive.

Moreover, if you want to experience the beautiful nightlife, luxurious holiday trips, and witness amazing city lights, visit Japan. Although traveling here can be expensive, it is truly an experience that’s worth the value of your money.

6. Singapore 
Last but not least is Singapore. If you’re planning to travel with your family and kids, this is one of the best choices. Singapore has many theme parks, such as Universal Studios, that you and your kids would definitely enjoy. This is why it’s really a top destination for families.

Final words
Traveling is always a fun idea. It’s a time when you can bond and spend quality time with your loved ones while making unforgettable memories. So, if you’re planning a trip to some of the major travel countries, make sure to prepare your bucket list to enjoy your holidays even more.

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