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Anime-inspired travel itinerary for visiting Japan

We have shared an itinerary that helps you cover the various hotspots frequented by anime lovers like you.

Japan has a riveting culture that people across the world propagate. As an anime lover, you will surely be thrilled by your visit to Japan, where you can explore the origins of the anime characters you love. We have shared an itinerary that helps you cover the various hotspots frequented by anime lovers like you.

Day 1 to day 6: Tokyo
You’ll love every moment of your stay in Tokyo, the Japanese capital and a trendy hub for anime lovers. Akihabara and Ikebukuro are must-visit spots for anime lovers. You can’t skip them. The Akihabara Games Supermarket offers you a vast range of products, including popular manga magazines, CDs, game software, and DVDs. Ikebukuro is an anime lover’s delight, and the place beckons them with many anime shops and cafes that include the iconic Animate and J-World.

You’ve just got to visit the Ghibli Art Museum if you are fond of Miyazaki’s anime. Do you love the adorable Doraemon? If Doraemon appears in your dreams, do drop by the Fujiko F. Fujio Museum, a beautiful showcase of the world of Doraemon. Also, stop by Ghibli Park and its biggest attractions to capture the beauty of classic movies.

If you’re lucky enough to have scheduled your visit to Tokyo in March, you’ll love visiting the anime expo here, the largest in the world. The expo brings you the cosplay of many anime characters. You may also buy various exciting anime products here.

You’ll love visiting Kamakura, the place where Slam Dunk was born. It’s only an hour from Tokyo by JR. You can explore Enoshima Island and Kamakura Kokomae Station here, locations that have appeared in some of the iconic scenes of Slam Dunk.

Day 7 to day 9: Tottori 
Hop onto the Shinkansen or take a flight to Tottori from Tokyo. You’ll be there in just five hours. JR will take you to the peaceful town of Hokuei just around an hour after you have reached Tottori. The entire town is dotted with various items that bring alive the famous Detective Conan, whose creator, Gosho Aoyama, lives here.

The Tottori prefecture is also home to Sakaiminato town, where you’ll come across an anime street. You can get yourself photographed here with various statues of anime characters, or you may also buy anime products.

Day 10 to day 12: Kyoto
The JR takes no more than two hours to take you to the bustling city of Kyoto from Tottori. This city is home to KyoAni, a famous anime company. Anime lovers admire KyoAni as they are the ones who have published many anime masterpieces that have gained massive mass popularity. You can also explore anime art at the Kyoto International Manga Museum.

You may visit the shopping district close to the Kawaramachi Station, where you can shop for anime merchandise. The place is dotted with many hobby shops offering items that are popular among fans of anime and manga. A famous shop selling such items, Animate, has a branch here.

Day 13: Osaka
Japan’s third largest city welcomes anime lovers with Nihonbashi, a place with many attractions. You are sure to find everything you ever imagined having from the world of anime at this must-visit place for anime lovers.

When in Osaka, do make it a point to visit the Comic City. It is a unique destination for anime lovers as the fans share their cartoons and artistic creations with other visitors here. It’s a hub where aspiring creators, professional cartoonists, and illustrators gather.

The Super Comic City Kansai, an expanded version, welcomes more than 40,000 anime lovers, and there are around 12,000 teams that participate in the event held every year in August. You’ll also meet more than 4,000 Cosplayers.

Ready to visit
Of course, Japan is an expensive place to visit. You would do well to make savings at every opportunity. Also, it might not be the most tourist-friendly for first-time travelers. Thus, you should learn a few tricks and traveling routines before planning a trip here.

For instance, the free Wi-Fi passport in Japan provides access to many hotspots. It is an excellent option for tourists always to stay connected to the internet. However, remember to protect your browsing when connecting to free Wi-Fi, be it in Japan or at home.

A Virtual Private Network can assist you. After you download VPN apps, connect to secure servers, and then start using the free network. If you are in Japan, look for VPN services that offer servers in Japan. That will guarantee the best security and speed combo. A VPN is an app that reroutes and encrypts traffic to bring you more anonymity, security, and privacy online.

Visiting Japan is like being in paradise for anime lovers. Whether major cities or small towns, all of Japan is dotted with places anime lovers will love to be in. There are so many places to visit you may feel lost. This carefully planned itinerary guides you to every anime lover’s dream destination in Japan. Pack your bags and get going!

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