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Club Med hosts first global event in Lijiang, showcasing China’s rich culture and scenic beauty

Club Med Lijiang Resort

Club Med’s Lijiang Resort celebrates its global event, “Dancing with Yulong,” highlighting China’s cultural and natural attractions for international guests.

LIJIANG, CΗΙΝΑ – Club Med, the brand of “Premium All-inclusive” vacations, hosted its Lijiang Resort‘s first global event with the theme of “Dancing with Yulong (Jade Dragon)”.

With the implementation of China’s favorable inbound tourism policies and the gradual recovery of the global tourism market, Club Med welcomes overseas guests to China to enjoy the rich cultural heritage, breathtaking natural landscapes, vibrant urban scenes, and diverse local lifestyles as well as experiencing hospitality and kindness from Chinese people.

In a magnificent showcase of China’s diverse landscapes and rich cultural heritage, Club Med recently hosted an event inviting around 100 tourism trade partners and media from various markets, including Hong Kong SAR, Taiwan region, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Korea, Vietnam, and Belgium. The event featured visits to two of Club Med’s premier resorts in Guilin and Lijiang, offering guests a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the beauty and charm of these iconic Chinese destinations.

At Club Med Guilin, guests were greeted by the stunning natural scenery of the Li River and were welcomed in traditional Chinese style by G.Os (Great Organizers) dressed in ethnic costumes. The resort, known for its harmonious blend of modern art and cultural landscapes, provided a perfect backdrop for an unforgettable experience.

Lijiang Resort offered a different but equally mesmerizing experience, with activities highlighting the breathtaking Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, a visit to the Baisha Ancient Town, and learning about the Naxi culture’s traditional art and the Dongba script. Club Med’s Discovery series allowed for extended exploration to Kunming, Dali, and Shangri-La, with direct flights from Singapore, Bangkok, and Hong Kong SAR to Lijiang and Kunming facilitating easy access.

Expanding its footprint in China, Club Med has launched the “Club Med Joyview” and “Club Med Urban Oasis” product lines, catering to the growing demand for premium short-distance and urban family vacations. With 10 resorts in China, including destination-specific resorts in Guilin and Lijiang and three mountain resorts in Changbaishan, Beidahu, and Yabuli, Club Med continues to enhance its offering in the region.

The recent increase in overseas tourist arrivals to Club Med resorts in China highlights the effectiveness of the visa exemption policies and simplified entry procedures. The “Premium All-Inclusive” package, combined with the unique Club Med lifestyle and diverse local and international offerings, positions Club Med as a top choice for those seeking a hassle-free vacation experience.

To further cater to the growing outbound tourism trend, Club Med has launched the “Early Bird Booking” promotion, offering up to 30% off for bookings made in advance, enabling guests to enjoy more flexibility and peace of mind when planning their vacations.

Club Med’s commitment to providing high-quality, enriching travel experiences in China and beyond exemplifies the brand’s dedication to promoting cultural exchange and international tourism.

Andrew Xu, CEO of Club Med China, expressed: “We are thrilled to utilize this global brand event as a showcase for our resorts and the beautiful destinations in China to media and travelers worldwide. It’s with great pleasure that our business receives continuous growth. Club Med hosted over 1.5 million guests worldwide in 2023. Our mountain resorts in China have seen an 84% business volume increase for the 2023-2024 ski season compared to 2018-2019. The business volume in the Club Med Chinese market for the first two months of 2024 surged by 74% compared to the same period last year. With a robust demand for skiing and summer vacations across all regions, we anticipate a sustained increase in bookings throughout 2024. China is one of Club Med’s most crucial markets. Leveraging Club Med’s global channels and resources, and supported by favorable entry and exit policies, we welcome more overseas guests to China. Simultaneously, we encourage more Chinese consumers to venture abroad, embarking on wonderful journeys with Club Med.”

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