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Singapore’s latest pushes to boost tourism

On top of launching a new tourism slogan, the country is working to market and showcase the already abundant entertainment options for tourists to enjoy while visiting Singapore.

Singapore has been highly touted as one of the leading tourism destinations worldwide, and it is no secret why. With a rich local history, fascinating world heritage sites, a unique airport (check out the indoor waterfall!), luxurious shopping options, exciting outdoor activities, and a wide range of world-class traditional and online casinos, there is truly something for everyone in stunning Singapore.

The country welcomed 6.3 million international visitors in 2022. This number is expected to grow, possibly even double in size, in 2023, thanks to the innovative new ways Singapore is marketing itself to attract slews of international visitors to its shores. This includes launching a new tourism slogan, marketing the already abundant entertainment options, and offering unique packages for savvy travelers. Singapore’s tourism sector recovers strongly in 2022, visitor numbers expected to double in 2023 | STB

In an effort to boost tourism, The Singapore Tourism Board has recently created and launched a new marketing slogan to attract visitors to the country. ‘Made in Singapore’ has now replaced the previous slogan which was ‘SingapoReimagine’. The Singapore Tourism Board’s marketing group assistant chief executive Kenneth Lim said: “Through this latest campaign, we would like to reinforce Singapore as a destination that turns imagination into reality. Our goal is to showcase how everyday ordinary moments are made extraordinary and unforgettable, experienced only in Singapore – to inspire travel here.”

On top of launching a new tourism slogan, the country is working to market and showcase the already abundant entertainment options for tourists to enjoy while visiting Singapore. These include:

  • Entertainment – With a plethora of shows and concerts already offered in Singapore, travelers can take their pick. Choose from large scale concerts, intimate musical gatherings, movie showings, musicals and the theater. Many travelers opt to enjoy a show at one of the iconic theaters in Singapore, such as the Esplanade, a stunning building, or at Victoria Theater, another impressive building.
  • Gaming – Many travelers make the journey to beautiful Singapore just to enjoy its world-famous casino resorts. However, while traditional casinos have been a staple in Singapore for years, reputable online casinos in Singapore are gaining popularity with locals and visitors alike. Although the law doesn’t yet favor these platforms locally, sites based offshore are available in Singapore—so take note of this if you plan on gambling online during your visit.
  • Sightseeing – With so much to see in Singapore, it’s hard to know where to start! There are four sights visitors simply cannot miss when sightseeing in Singapore. First, Gardens by the Bay, a stunning 101-hectare nature park and botanical garden. Second is Sentosa Island, a tiny resort island just off the Southern Coast of Singapore that is packed full of attractions, gardens, and more. Third, Merlion Park, which offers an iconic Singapore sight. And finally, Sands Sky Park, allowing travelers to enjoy a stunning observation deck.

Beyond rebranding the tourism slogan and showcasing the current entertainment on offer, Singapore is further securing its place on the international tourism scene by creating unique packages for every type of savvy traveller. There is a wide variety of unique travellers heading to Singapore, each looking to have an experience that is meaningful to them. Some travelers use Singapore as a stopover destination on their way to visit another country, with the average length of stay in Singapore being approximately 5 days. To ensure travelers are enticed to stay as long as possible and experience Singapore to its fullest, the country aims to offer unique packages that would catch any traveler’s eye. These packages often include bundling attractions and entertainment so visitors can maximize their time in Singapore.

Singapore is a beautiful destination with something to offer for everyone. With the updated tourism slogan, marketing of current entertainment offerings and new unique packages, Singapore is working hard to boost tourism. Offering endless entertainment options, stunning natural outdoor scenery, historic sights, and local cuisine, Singapore truly ticks all the boxes!