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Following the relaxation in travel restrictions in early 2022, new business from mainland Chinese customers grew by 110% to an

There's no question that sustainable tourism can help revive a battered economy. I've seen it happen time and time again

Of the total 2.65 million international visitor arrivals last year, 628,445 were returning Filipinos while the bulk of 2.02 million

Singapore, South Korea, Hong Kong SAR, Japan and Thailand led the surge as the most popular destinations for air travellers.

Sector’s GDP grew 7.3% annually on average, whilst its greenhouse gas emissions increased by just 4%. Emissions intensity decreased by

Tokyo, New York, London regional favorites for countdown festivities

The report goes into detail about the foregoing trends, staycations (stay-at-home vacations that don't involve much travelling) are estimated to

Dubai, Goa, Bangkok, Bali, Port Blair and the Maldives are India’s most searched-for destinations for flights.

Looking ahead to 2023, Bangkok currently ranks 5th trending destination in the world on Airbnb.

Four out of five will take a family holiday in the next 12 months. Travelling with a group of friends