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Shizuoka Prefecture is known for their food, and in efforts to put Muslim travellers at ease, they have updated their

Amid dynamic trends, Indonesia's foodservice market is rapidly evolving. From surging demand for out-of-home dining and the rise of online

Of the figures, 91.36 percent or 2,740,802 are foreign tourists, while the remaining 8.64 percent or 259,277 are overseas Filipinos.

As per newly released data by Future Market Insights, the agro-rural tourism market is estimated to be around US$ 91.6

China's summer resort tourism and related markets have reached 1.2 trillion yuan (about 168.26 billion U.S. dollars) to 1.5 trillion

Domestic nights booked on Airbnb surged by 35% in Thailand in 2022, up from 2019.

The highest occupancy (82.2%) and RevPAR (IDR 820,272.66) levels were recorded on Thursday, 22 June.

Data shows there were over 19,000 guest arrivals in areas across the country with Airbnb listings and no hotels, earning

When comparing domestic with overseas travel, Agoda noticed travelers on an international trip are more likely to opt for some

New Skyscanner research reveals that travel trumps comfort for South Koreans: More than half (54%) will find different ways to