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TCEB’s “MICE Winnovation” project has been fruitful in matching MICE entrepreneurs with developers who are capable of producing tech solutions

The implementation is planned to help revive the tourism industry that has been severely affected by the pandemic outbreak.

The Hybrid City Alliance was launched in December of 2020 by the Hague Convention Bureau, Ottawa Tourism Business Events, Prague

The announcement of this event is the first step towards restoring confidence in the nation’s ability to hold in-person events.

Started in 2018, the Korea Unique Venue program comprises a list of recommended MICE venues in Korea, selected based on

Boosting cross-border employment, training, and capacity-building in MICE .

Presenting itself as a new ‘One-stop Travel Expo’, KITE 2021 will provide an overview of Korea tourism in preparation for

The new 3D digital tours can be viewed on any device, providing a fully immersive experience of the world-class venues

Safe Business Events (BE) Venue Certification will create an end-to-end safe and secure event journey for event organisers and participants

The establishment of such an important day for MICE industry will help enhance the awareness of the long-lasting value and