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Canberra shatters tourism records: 5.8 million visitors inject $3.8 billion

In 2023, Canberra welcomed a record-breaking 5.8 million visitors, with Indian tourists playing a significant role in the city’s $3.8 billion economic boost.

Canberra, Australia‘s vibrant capital, isn’t just breaking tourism records—it’s rewriting them. In 2023, the city welcomed a staggering 5.8 million visitors, injecting $3.8 billion into its thriving economy—a feat unmatched for the territory in the last quarter-century. Among these global travelers, India emerged as a major player, reaffirming its love affair with Canberra and its irresistible charm.

Indian tourists visited in significant numbers, bringing India to the forefront as the 4th largest international market for the capital city. Surpassing pre-COVID levels, Indian visitors brought with them not just their curiosity but also a deep-seated connection to Canberra, fueled by familial ties and a thirst for adventure.

For 50% of Indian travelers, Canberra is more than just a destination. It’s a reunion with loved ones, a chance to strengthen bonds across continents. Meanwhile, for one in three, Canberra represents the perfect holiday haven, offering varied experiences suited to everyone.

From families delving into cultural immersion to couples seeking romance amid picturesque landscapes, Canberra’s allure reaches all. Its diverse cultural scene and world-class attractions ensure that every visitor discovers their own slice of paradise in Australia’s beating heart.

With Canberra clinching seven awards at the 2023 Qantas Australian National Awards, accolades are pouring in, further enhancing the city’s global appeal. The Indian travelers are keen to explore this different kind of capital and its hidden gems.

The ACT Government is focused on driving its tourism to even greater heights. With eyes set on the T2030 Tourism Strategy, which aims to surpass $3.1 billion in visitor expenditure by 2025 and soar to $4 billion by 2030, Canberra is poised for a future filled with promise.

Key to this vision is enhanced international market access—a goal the government is consistently pursuing. By expanding aviation connectivity and showcasing Canberra’s splendor on the global stage, the city is set for continued success, having travelers indulge in its rich experiences and vibrant culture.

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