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Hiseas and Chengdu forge alliance with ECTAA to boost travel between China and Europe

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Hiseas International Gmbh and Chengdu Tourism Studies Association join ECTAA, enhancing China-Europe tourism connectivity and promoting cultural and economic exchanges through collaborative travel initiatives.

Hiseas International Gmbh and the Chengdu Tourism Studies Association have announced their alliance as affiliated members of the European Travel Agents’ and Tour Operators’ Associations (ECTAA), signaling a commitment to foster increased travel and tourism connectivity between China and Europe. This collaboration aims to streamline operations for businesses and enhance travel experiences for tourists across both regions.

The partnership signifies a mutual desire to fortify tourism between Chengdu and Europe while supporting the operational endeavors of Hiseas International Gmbh in Europe and European tour operators in China, and especially in Chengdu. Through the formalization of this alliance via a service agreement, the parties acknowledge the significance of this collaboration in facilitating smoother travel and promoting economic and cultural growth through enhanced travel ties.

European destinations have been increasingly sought after by tourists from Chengdu, and this trend is poised for further acceleration in the post-pandemic era. However, this alliance also highlights Chengdu’s own allure as a captivating tourism destination. Its diverse range of experiences promises European travelers a unique and enriching journey worth exploring and promoting.

Eric Drésin, Secretary General of ECTAA, remarked, “This alliance represents an exciting opportunity to foster stronger travel connections between Chengdu and Europe. We aim to create an environment conducive to collaboration, enabling cultural exchange and economic growth for both regions.”

The signing of the Memorandum of Understanding by Hiseas International Gmbh, the Chengdu Tourism Studies Association, and ECTAA reflects a shared commitment to nurturing travel connections and exploring collaborative opportunities that promote cross-continental tourism initiatives.

The alliance between Hiseas, Chengdu, and ECTAA holds promise for facilitating smoother travel experiences and fostering mutual growth opportunities in the travel and tourism sector.

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