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Lexicon Institute of Hotel Management organized a Principal’s Conclave in association with EduDrone: WE CONNECT

Empowering the leaders of tomorrow: Insights from “Exploring the recipe of Leadership in Management” by Lexicon Institute of Hotel Management.

PUNE – Lexicon Institute of Hotel Management: A Hotel School – “By the Hoteliers, For the Hoteliers”, hosted an enthralling Principal’s Conclave, “Exploring the recipe of Leadership in Management,” in collaboration with EduDrone: WE CONNECT. The event was attended by over 30 prestigious School Principals from Pune and Mumbai who gathered to gain insight into the key principles of leadership in management.

“This event of leadership in management is an example that reflects how people from diverse backgrounds come together, but by openly talking to each other and listening to different opinions, they broaden the vision that is the need of the hour to survive in today’s competitive environment,” said Mr. Sagar Chitre, Principal, Lexicon Institute of Hotel Management.

The purpose of the conclave was to discuss different leadership styles that the administrators can practice from time to time for the benefit of their teams and the organization. The interactive session witnessed keynote speakers like Dr. Lily Bomi Patel, CEO, Helios International School; Ms. Agne Mascarenhas, Director, JSPM & TSSM Group; Mr. Rajiv Ranjan, M.D Manyatech India; Ms. Priyanka Srivastava, Sales Head-Offline Sales, ThinkerPlace; and Dr. Rupali Dhamdhere, Cluster Principal, Trinity International School and Jr. College, who emphasized the significance of developing strong leadership abilities and quick decision-making skills. They also highlighted the importance of having an open mindset, which is an invaluable trait for every leader.

Ms. Kajal Chhatija, Founder & CEO of EduDrone- WE CONNECT, shared, “Leadership is about improving others’ abilities and ensuring that the positive impact continues even after your departure.” She urged all the school leaders to express their ideas and made the event come alive with lively discussions on the distinctive leadership qualities of school leaders, infusing the session with numerous suggestions for healthy leadership.

The icing on the cake at the Principal’s Conclave was the mouth-watering hands-on culinary experience in the kitchen offered by the culinary geniuses, Chef Chaitanya Kumar, Vice Principal of the Lexicon Institute of Hotel Management, and Chef Savita Patil, Department Head of Bakery & Confectionery. The attendees had the rare opportunity to learn and prepare scrumptious desserts and cookies under the expert guidance of these master chefs, who have an unparalleled reputation in the culinary industry. The event also included a campus tour, providing a glimpse of the world-class facilities offered by the Lexicon Institute of Hotel Management, showcasing its commitment to providing quality education to its students.

The Principal’s Conclave was a testament to Lexicon IHM’s commitment to shaping the leaders of tomorrow by promoting excellence in education and knowledge sharing. Such initiatives are vital in today’s competitive environment, and it is through events like these that we can create a positive impact on society.

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