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Zinzino announces the launch of Singapore as next step in their global expansion

Zinzino announced the launch of its business in Singapore on April 7, 2022 as a strategic next step in the company’s global expansion plan.

After several years of preparing the launch of the Singapore market and having carried out multiple country establishment processes in recent years, Zinzino has learned the importance of ensuring thorough preparatory work and adapting to the local conditions in each market.

Profitable growth is an important business strategy for the global, direct selling company within test-based, scientifically proven nutrition. During 2021 the company sales target was exceeded showing excellent sales growth and a strong 10% EBITA performance. Overall sales grew with 20% to 1.137 billion SEK.

This is an optimal time for Zinzino to enter the dynamic and expanding Singapore market, says Kenneth Koh, Zinzino Sales Director. Zinzino’s robust and proven business model with a marketing strategy that targets customers with personalized messages, individual consultation and tailored products is going to send our Singapore Partners well on their way to sustainable success.

In Singapore, direct sales is a young, but fast growing trend as more and more businesses are experiencing first-hand the consequences of the tectonic shift in technology, media and consumer behavior. Conventional marketing is rapidly losing ground as today’s consumers expect a familiar face and a dialogue when making their choices. A personalized shopping experience that direct sales distributors have provided for centuries. The Singapore Department of Statistics showed an average monthly household expenditure of S$4,906 during the pandemic period and the Direct Sales Association (DSA), disclosed direct selling revenues in Singapore at US$990 (March 2020).

This is a strategic launch for the e-commerce based health tech company. Zinzino has high growth ambitions and is expecting to reach 1 million customers by the year 2025 and 20 million by 2035.  With the launch in Singapore, Zinzino will be operating on more than 100 markets while keeping its focus on further global expansion.

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