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International Association of Professional Congress Organisers

IAPCO gets tough on their members’ non-compliance

IAPCO members who did not fully comply with the high quality standards set by the Association are being clearly identified on the IAPCO website. “We have to get tough” says new President, Philippe Fournier, “IAPCO stands for quality and we have to ensure that all our members maintain the standards and criteria by which they entered the Association, how ever many years ago that may be”. Five members failed to comply with the stringent quality criteria set in place. These criteria include submission of Quality Check Lists, participation in the Quality Self Assessment programme, triennial attendance at the IAPCO Quality Seminar, remitting the Statutory Returns and participation in the Members’ Annual Survey. “I know it is a lot to ask of members, but quality is the foundation pillar of IAPCO and we have to ensure that our clients know we are serious about implementing this” Fournier continued. “And if non-compliance continues, we will be reviewing their actual membership. We are not just going to get tough, we are Tough!”.

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