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International Air Carrier Association

IACA requests Spanish Government to keep airports fully operational

The airline members of the International Air Carrier Association (IACA) transport a significant part of the tourism volume into Spain and call on the Spanish Government to ensure that all airports on its territory remain open and fully operational at all times.

With regard to plans by three Spanish trade unions to call a series of strikes at Spanish airports over 22 days, IACA urges Spain to consider declaring a state of emergency as to protect its vital interests, as was the case in the ATC strikes in Spain in December 2010. Sylviane Lust, IACA’s Director-General stated: “Airlines and their passengers have been severely hit by the recent multiple ATC strikes in Spain. Now that many tourists have swapped their travel plans in favour of Spain as the result of the unrest in North African destinations, a wave of new industrial actions is planned at peak holiday periods.”

She added: “Enough is enough. The Spanish economy, passengers and airlines cannot afford to be held ransom by transport workers. This must be stopped.”

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