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MACEOS honours Dato’ Sri Dr. Abdul Khani Daud with “Business Events Personality’ award”

Dato’ Sri Dr. Abdul Khani Daud has also been awarded with Doctor of Creative Arts (PhD) by the National Academy of Arts, Culture and Heritage (ASWARA).

PUTRAJAYA – Malaysia Convention & Exhibition Bureau (MyCEB)’s Chief Executive Officer, Dato’ Sri Dr. Abdul Khani Daud was humbled to be recognised under the ‘Business Events Personality’ award at the MACEOS 32nd Anniversary Gala Dinner & Industry Recognition Award 2022.

An event organised by Malaysian Association of Convention and Exhibition Organisers (MACEOS) at Malaysia International Trade and Exhibition Centre on Friday night, the award is to support the efforts and achievements of members and patrons who demonstrated an approach that positively impacts the country and transforms the business events landscape towards recovery during the pandemic in the past years.

Honouring the most outstanding leaders and innovators whose initiatives have brought tangible business gains for the recovery of the business events industry, Dato’ Sri Dr. Abdul Khani’s inclusion among this year’s group of award winners is a testament to MyCEB’s support for advocacy of the development of business events in the country.

Speaking of the recognition received, Dato’ Sri Dr. Abdul Khani Daud says, “I am most humbled on the acknowledgement by the industry which plays an important role for the recovery of business events industry. It is my sincerest hope that we continue to work hand in hand in crafting new strategic ways for the betterment of the industry. I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to my pillar of strength at MyCEB. We have achieved so much together through the years, and it would not have been possible without the support, dedication, strength and passion. I am also grateful to MOTAC and business events partners for their continuous support. The award is an inspiration not just for me alone but also for us together to continue to achieve better in time to come.”

Dato’ Sri Dr. Abdul Khani Daud is a highly regarded and well-respected figure who is at the forefront of the international business events and tourism industry. Throughout the past years of his career, he has been the driving force behind many projects, both local and international. During the pandemic, Dato’ Sri Dr. Abdul Khani and his team at MyCEB took initiative to support the business events stakeholders by launching the Meet in Malaysia campaign, aim to provide support to industry players to revive the business events activities.

His credibility in leading the Malaysia’s business events industry is proven by taking the step to establish the Malaysia Business Events Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) during COVID-19 with collaborative effort of Malaysia Business Events Stakeholders.

He was also the mastermind behind the Restart and Responsible initiative to speed up the recovery of the business events post pandemic and the development of the MySafe Business Events Planner together with Business Events Council Malaysia (BECM) to assist and guide international business events travellers and organisers through the safety measures as well as to rebuild public confidence in our business events industry.

Also, Dato’ Sri Dr. Abdul Khani Daud has been awarded with Doctor of Creative Arts (PhD) by the National Academy of Arts, Culture and Heritage (ASWARA). “I would like to express my deep and sincere gratitude to my research first supervisor, Prof Madya Dr Halim bin Hussin as well as our second supervisor Dr Hafizul Fahri bin Hanafi, for giving me the opportunity to do research and providing invaluable guidance throughout this research. Their dynamism, vision, sincerity, and motivation have deeply inspired me. I am extending my devout thanks to ASWARA family for their acceptance and patience during the discussion I had with them on exegesis and portfolio preparation. Thanks to fellow team at MyCEB and friends from the business events and tourism industry who shared happiness during this long journey. I sincerely hope that I make a difference in all individuals that I have mentored and have a positive influence on countless individuals as well as the business events and tourism industry,” states Dato’ Sri Dr. Abdul Khani Daud.

Throughout his career, Dato’ Sri Dr. Abdul Khani has been recognised as a selfless innovator and leader who has a significant influence and has received numerous positions throughout his career for his remarkable legacy, including ICCA Board of Directors Representative for Asia Pacific Region, Advisory BOD Member for Asian Federation of Exhibition & Convention Associations (AFECA), Advisory Board Member for MACEOS, Board of Trustee for Islamic Tourism Centre, Adjunct Professor at Taylor’s University, Advisor, International Journal of Business Events & Legacies at Curtin University Malaysia, just to name a few.

Speaking on the occasion, Chief Operating Officer of MyCEB, Mr. Noor Ahmad Hamid says, “Dato’ Sri Dr. Abdul Khani is powerful yet kind and humble person. His presence in the business events industry is admirable and is a clear example of what one can accomplish with determination, sincerity, and hard work. You’ve inspired all of us to make dream possible and work professionally to achieve greater heights for Malaysia business events in the global space. This milestone truly is an epitome of what Iqra, as mentioned in the Al Quran, which means Read is all about, even when you are at your peak of career. Achieving a higher educational status is something one must continue to pursue.”

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